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Leaving Legacies
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

I don't remember a lot of things about when I was a little girl. And the things I do remember, I recall them with the slant of a child's heart and eyes. That is why I am so thankful to have a precious gift that my mom gave me - one that I am now doing for my own children. She kept journals for me and my sister.

My mom would write in them whenever she felt the need, keeping record of the events and growing phases of our lives. What is so priceless to me, is that I have in her own words, a record of how she felt as my mom, as she saw me go through these different phases of life. It is extremely special to me and even to this day, I give her back the journal once in awhile so she can add to it her feelings of seeing me as an adult and mom. When the day comes and God chooses to take her home, I know these journals will be extra treasures to me.

I hope that my children will appreciate their journals as much as I appreciate my own. I hope when the day comes and I present them to my kids as they leave home - they will feel my love knowing I kept doing this as they were growing up.

What a wonderful legacy we can leave our kids. Talking to them and sharing with them in a way that is impossible while they are young. And if any of us can't remain with them, what a powerful way to incorporate family values and beliefs into their hearts. I invite you to join with me in privately keeping these journals for our children until the right day comes when we choose to deliver them into their hands. May God bless us as we leave our legacies.

Dionna Sanchez enjoys journaling and writing from her home in Idaho. She is Editor/Publisher of Emphasis On Moms...the newsletter focused on encouraging moms not just as parents, but also as women. Visit today

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