The Power of Notes
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

I am a strong believer in the power of encouragement. I have experienced what it can do first-hand.

When I was growing up my mom used to leave me notes quite often. They would offer love on a tough day, or just reaffirm my potential and validation as a special person. And I caught on to the power of notes.

I started leaving notes when I was in high school. I would leave an "I Love You" note for my dad on a note pad he kept in his truck. Except I would make it a game. I would write several pages back from the front so it would take him awhile to find it and come as a surprise to him. It was so fun to see how long it would take before he found it!
Right after high school I moved to another state. So one day right before I was scheduled to leave, I hid about one hundred notes around the house. I hid them in spots where my family would find them right away and also in spots that would take them awhile. I knew my leaving would be tough on them so I wanted to add some cheer and smiles to their day. I hid notes in coat pockets, can of nails, bathroom drawers and more.

Now, I'm the mom. And I can offer the power of encouragement through notes to my own husband and children. I can watch a smile form on their face even though they've had a tough day. I can share special quotes, poems, give advice or just say "I love you."
The best thing about notes is that there is no cost involved! It's free. Any budget can handle that.

Get creative when you leave notes. You can leave them:

*on pillows
*on a bulletin board
*on a napkin in a sack lunch
*in a pajamas drawer
*in a shoe
*in a book they are reading
*on a car window
*inside a CD or movie case

The ideas are endless. If you want to inspire and support your family; leaving notes is one of the easiest options to use. They may come low on cost, but the result is big on self-esteem.

~Dionna Sanchez took her love of writing from notes all the way to a newsletter for moms! Visit Emphasis On Moms today at

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