My thoughts on writing materials on visionary leadership.

1. Focus
Stay focused on the process of visionary leadership and away from more generalized observations about fatherhood.

2. Teach the process and make it practical. Much of what I read on visionary leadership is interesting and entertaining. Authors tell story after story. That's great buy I'm ready to implement. I want to put this to work in my family so let's teach the process.

3. The audience is the father of the Christian family. Should we address mothers as well as the wife & husband as co-leaders in the family? Yes. But we need to perfect one before we go to the next. Dad's are more desperate for help. For Moms, it's all intuitive.

4. One thing that is missing is a great introduction!

With that said, let me share with you my observation of the "framework" of the process of visionary leadership. Story after story, you see these same elements in one form or another and generally happening in this order.

I. Understanding the Call
   A. Why me? (Answer: because you are "Dad")
   B. Where to begin?
   C. Little House on the Freeway
   D. Dad's are on the treadmill, running the rat race
   E. We're just doing the wrong things
   F. Despite all our efforts, families are struggling
   G. It's not the lack of effort, but the lack of vision
   H. Proverbs 29:18
II. Understanding that God is already at work
   A. Seeking God's plan
       1. Scripture
       2. Holy Spirit
       3. Circumstances
       4. Wise counsel
   B. Taking inventory
       1. Sizing up your team
       2. Considering talents, strengths, and resources 
   C. Changing our vantage point
       1. Slow down, get quiet
       2. Look at life differently
   D. Think generationally
   E. Understanding the importance of the noble cause

III. Casting the Vision
   A. Communicating: Let me count the ways 
         (notice "progression")
   B. Sharing ideas
   C. Telling Stories
   D. Touching all the senses
   E. Touching the emotions
   F. Helping our family to "see" 
   G. Understanding what lights our fire
   H. Beyond the word picture: creating a longing 
        (the most powerful influence of all)

IV. Channeling and Directing the Energy
   A. Be prepared for combustion
       1. Vision sparks and fuels the fire within
       2. Vision creates energy
   B. Be ready to lead and guide

V. Creating Sustainable Momentum
   A. Leading the charge
   B. The beauty of sacrifice
   C. The ultimate call: giving yourself away

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