unusual valentines day gift ideas


How To Completely Ignore Valentine's Day Without Having To Sleep In The Dog House 
by Julie Hunt
SHE simple happy essentials

Forget the mass marketed, red hearted Valentine Day pressure that starts heating up about now. Steer clear of high priced flowers, tasteless candy hearts and stuffed bears. Follow these tips to make the woman you love feel cherished. 

Tell her Valentine's Day means more than romance and gifts. It means she'll be the focus of your caring attention, dutiful doting and loving affection. 

1. Concentration is the Name of the Game. Guys, you have an amazing ability to focus and solve problems! Focus on how special she is to you. Instead of stressing about the perfect Valentine’s gift, think about all the fun, silly, spunky, sexy, serious and loving things that she does for you. Chances are she’s doing exactly what she wants you to do in return. Think about who she is. What makes her smile? What she is truly passionate about? What small little things could you do at home every day that would make her feel more loved? 

2. Under Promise and Over Deliver. Make promises early and make them often…just keep them. No emergency is more important than her love. Show your love and respect for her by honoring your time together and your commitments. Leave work early and call her on the way home and tell her you just couldn’t wait to see her. Ask her if she’d like you to pick up something special before you get there. 

3. Be a Mirror. We reflect the world around us… the good, the bad and the ugly. Be mindful of her moods. When she approaches you with love and joy, mirror it back to her and she’ll feel especially loved and close to you. 

4. Note It. Love notes are a sure way to inspire a loving connection everyday of the year. They don’t all have to be sappy poems. Buy a calendar, keep it in the bathroom and write a reason a day that you appreciate and admire her. Follow her to the store or the dry cleaners and leave a note on her car in the parking lot. Drop them in her purse or write them on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase pen for her to wake up to. 

5. Dream Date. Take her on a dream date that won’t cost you a dime. Tell her the only topic of conversation is to hear about her dreams. What she loves. What she wants to do before she leaves the planet. What she’d like to learn. Where she’d like to travel. Who she most admires. Let her talk freely without stopping then write a few down later and help her create her dreams.

6. Use Actions and Words. Show her how much you love her by going out of your way to do little things and then reinforce it by telling her. “I’d be happy to _____ because I want to show you how much I appreciate you” or… “I knew you’d feel special coming home to _____” or… “I wanted to show you how much I love by _____” 

7. Hugs for Health. 4 hugs for survival. 8 hugs for maintenance. 12 hugs for growth. Each and everyday. 

8. Bon Appetite. Cook her favorite food. Pick up restaurant delivery on the way home or have one of the online gourmet delivery options deliver a 5 course meal to your doorstep. Dim the lights. Play Sinatra or another one of her favorites and tidy the kitchen up too!

9. Sleep Tight Wishes and Bedtime Kisses. Make the very last moment of her day special by kissing her softly, accommodating a simple request like water or Kleenex, pull the covers up to her chin, touch her forehead and tell her you love her. Give her a kiss on the shoulder first thing in the morning too. 

• If you're feeling a little shy expressing yourself, your emotions or these caring sentiments just remember these luvin’ feelings are gonna free you up from the obligatory Valentine's Day retail trap. 
• Get a list of Valentine's Day heartfelt expressions at www.shesite.com.Your creative loving juices will flow and she'll hear how much you care. 

• Don't be a complete knuckle head... buy her a Valentine's Day card. 

Julie Hunt is pure delight and motivation. She’s a free flowing source of hope, energy and inspiration who tells it like it is giving straight forward and simple tips and advice so you can live happier days and obliterate the monotony of life at www.shesite.com

Her bottom line message is this: "Your days are numbered so fill them with more joy, smiles, fun and simple happy essentials. Now, get out there and embrace the vibrant life that awaits you!"

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unusual valentines day gift ideas


unusual valentines day gift ideas