true meaning of Christmas


Teaching What is Valuable
by Dionna Sanchez

As we shop for the Holidays we are bombarded with advertisements, promos and displays. They showcase the newest and hottest toys, clothing and accessories for our kids. Our children have so much these days that we didn't have. So much. Too much.

Our children always seem to want something new. Have you noticed that? They get bored easily with what they have. How healthy is this? How satisfying?

I want my children to work hard for what they get. Then maybe the reward will be precious to them instead of something that is so easily tossed aside. Tossed aside for something else that is bigger, better and brighter.

It is so easy to buy them all their hearts desire. But I have to wonder how they will learn that everything is not given to you. How they will learn that you have to earn things.

I know of parents who give their children $60 to $200 to go blow at the store! This is so detrimental to them in my opinion. How will Christmas be special? How will a $1 bill from grandpa be special when we give them too much, too often? It takes away from so many others who want to share and give.

I pray and I hope that I can be a parent who emphasizes that small things are special. And that hard work is rewarding.

As we shop for our children this year, let's give them the most treasured gifts of all - integrity, creativity and empathy. For they are far more valuable and priceless than anything you could ever find in a store.

Dionna Sanchez is Owner/Editor of Emphasis On Moms. You can find her heartwarming articles and encouragement at

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true meaning 
of Christmas

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true meaning of Christmas