10 Traditions to Bring Your Family Closer
by Nicole Wallace
What do you remember about your childhood? Was it the leather bound book set you received from Grandma or was it her apple pie that she cooked for every family event? We often miss the opportunity to do the things that matter most while we’re off spending time and money doing things that don’t matter. It’s not the expensive gifts or the big parties that we remember from our childhood -- it is the family rituals that we did over and over again.  <more...>

A Work at Home Mom Gives Thanks
by Donna Schwartz Mills
It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Like many modern moms, I was still employed full-time outside my home, trying to juggle the demands of a high-stress job with the needs of my family, which now included an 18-month old daughter, and I was dropping the balls over all the place. Fortunately, I was caught up for the week and when it was announced at 3:00 that we could leave early, I didn't hesitate. For once, I might be able to beat the traffic and pick Megan up from daycare <more...>

Five Ways to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude
by Susie Michelle Cortright
Gratitude keeps us centered and wards off jealousy and 
negativity.  <more...>

The Thanksgiving Blessing
by LeAnn R. Ralph
“Wouldn’t you just know it,” muttered my husband, Randy.

We had already been driving for a couple of hours in a pickup truck that we had borrowed from a friend, and now it was completely dark. <more...>

Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining
by Bridget Messino
The holiday season is upon us! It is a time when family and friends gather together. Some people love to entertain and enjoy bringing people together. Others feel stressed with these obligations. Whether it is a large gala for everyone you know, hosting the family holiday dinner or just having a few close friends over for a meal, planning <more...>

Organize Your Seasonal Home Decorating
by Rachel Paxton
I don't spend a lot of money decorating my home. Many people don't want to spend the time or money to decorate with the seasons, but over the years I have learned some ways to creatively seasonally decorate that have cost little or next to nothing.   <more...>

Walking with Gratitude
by Joyce Moseley Pierce
During this season of gratitude and thanksgiving, I wanted to write about something we do every day with very little thought. Something we’ve been doing since we were very small. Most of us did it before we even talked. I’m talking about walking.  <more...>

Frugal and Easy Thanksgiving Dishes
by Cyndi Roberts
Here it is - that time of year when everyone's thoughts turn to food! I'm thankful that at our house, we have plenty of food, but sometimes I am not so grateful that I am the one who usually gets to cook it! <more...>

How to Sidestep Depression During the Holidays
by Christine Louise Hohlbaum
The holidays represent a stressful time for most people. Expectations are high, commitments are many, and time seems more scarce than ever. With a few helpful tips and some planning, many of these issues can be avoided. <more...>

Gift Giving During Thanksgiving Adds That 
Special Touch
by Adriana Copaceanu
Many of us believe Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays, right? Actually, one of the most notable occasions is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is surprisingly a widely celebrated holiday that crosses over many nationalities and religions. <more...>

The Holiday Shopping Experience - Rewarding or Traumatic?
by Lee-Anne Robert
Picture this scenario! It is December 24th, the day of Christmas Eve. On this day you should be relaxing, enjoying time with family and thinking of all the precious memories you have created throughout the year. <more...>

How to Be the Consummate Thanksgiving Guest
by Susan Dunn
Thanksgiving Day is coming. Will you be the guest? If so, why not brush up on your etiquette? <more...>

Have an Intergenerational Thanksgiving This Year
by Susan Dunn
Make it an inter-generational event this year and have fun preparing. Here are some Thanksgiving crafts and activities the whole family can enjoy.<more...>

Tips To Help You Avoid Gaining Weight
During The Holidays
(While Also Still Enjoying Yourself)
by Lynn Bode
This holiday season don’t be trendy – avoid the Seasonal Seven (the average weight most Americans gain between Thanksgiving and New Year’s). That’s one trend you don’t want to participate in! <more...>

Thanksgiving - The Harvest Feast
by Mary Emma Allen
Thanksgiving has played an important role as a traditional harvest feast in the lives of Americans since the days of the Pilgrims. At this time of year, when the crops were gathered for winter, they gave thanks and acknowledged the many rewards of their labors.  <more...>

Thanksgiving Becomes a National Holiday
by Mary Emma Allen
Even though we think of the first Thanksgiving as taking place in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, this celebration didn't become an official holiday until many years later.. A woman from the State of New Hampshire was responsible for this recognition. 

Gratitude in Trying Times
by Shannon Jarvies
You would think that after all that's happened since September 11 most Americans -- and many people throughout the world -- would have deep feelings of ingratitude. Thousands of families have been torn apart. Many Americans will feel great sorrow this Thanksgiving because of the empty seat at the table.  <more...>

A Time For Thanks (and pie)
by Linda Sharp
With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, it is time to reflect on what we are truly thankful for in our lives. Family, health, happiness, good friends. All important, all worthy of raising a glass and toasting as we gather together. Yet, as you fill your tummies with turkey and your hearts with memories of Uncle Herbert fighting with your three year old over the last drumstick, stop to ponder some of the things we take for granted in our day to day lives . . .  <more...>

Reasons for Thanksgiving
by Ted Schroder
November 2008
Thanksgiving Day is coming, but for some people there seems to be little reason for giving thanks. The economic prospects are dire. Most people feel worse off than they were last year. A global recession threatens. Whole industries are in jeopardy. Even General Motors is facing bankruptcy. Banks are being bailed out. Foreclosures are at an all time high. For half the voters, their candidate lost in the presidential election. Retirement income is reduced. Anxiety about the future is high. What reasons can we find to celebrate Thanksgiving Day this year? It is always valuable to be reminded of the origins of Thanksgiving Day.  <more...>

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