teen thoughts on self-esteem


Live Loud for Christ: Having Good Self- Esteem
By Brooke Caton
Writing from a Christian teen’s perspective

We all have those times in life when we feel like we do not belong. We think we’re ugly, fat, stupid, fill in the blank. Those times are so hard. We are so critical of ourselves in every way. But just know that all of those things are lies that Satan puts in our minds.

God created us the E-X-A-C-T way that he wants us to be. I will admit: you probably are not the smartest or most beautiful person in the world (no offense!), but God thinks you are sooooo incredibly special. When we tell ourselves that we are ugly or fat, just think of it this way: you have just been up twenty-four hours working on a project. You have created the most intelligent, good-looking robot. You are so excited. You have worked so hard on this and it turned out to be perfect and the exact way you envisioned it. It can talk, walk, and it basically has a mind of its own. Now how would you feel if the robot started calling itself ugly or stupid? You would think, “how can it think it’s not perfect? It’s exactly the way I wanted it to be. It is so great in every way!” That is probably what God thinks when he hears us cutting ourselves down.

Why would Satan want us to have low self- esteem? Easy, he loves to make our lives miserable. He finds happiness when we are cutting ourselves down. All he has to do is plant an “ugly seed” or a “fat seed” in our minds, and our human nature begins to water the seed until it is a full-fledged plant. Who decides what is skinny and what is fat? What is pretty or what is ugly? Teenagers make fun of other teenagers to build up their own self- esteem. Have you ever noticed that the people who make fun of others are not very happy? It is most likely because the things they say about other people are the same things they struggle with themselves. 

We all judge ourselves way too much. When I was about eleven or twelve, I used to have a vein on my neck that I hated! I was so embarrassed and did not like to wear shirts that showed it. Now how silly is that? A vein. No one else ever noticed it, but I thought that everyone in the world was looking at it. I worried that I would never be able to wear any cute shirts that showed it. Now as I’m older I think how silly I was to be worrying about a stupid vein! (Now I have much more important things to worry about- like how much weight I’ve gained and what my hair looks like….JOKING!)

We all have “a vein” that we see in ourselves. Maybe it’s a couple extra pounds, maybe it’s crooked teeth, maybe it’s a birthmark, but whatever it is, get over it! God created each of us in our own special way. It would be quite boring if everyone looked perfect. If everyone looked perfect, then we would all look the same because people judge perfect differently. Pray that God will help you look at yourself through His eyes. The creator of the universe thinks you are so smart and beautiful. I would rather have his approval than some kid at school. Stay firm. Stand up. Trust in God. Live loud.

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  Psalm 193:13-15

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teen thoughts on self-esteem


teen thoughts on self-esteem