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Teens: Choose Your Friends Wisely
by Inez Haythorn
Christian Family Treasures

The news broadcast told of two teenage boys who called in a fake bomb threat at their local high school. They were caught and arrested. Along with the public disgrace of this incident and court case being televised, they ended up with suspension from school, being banned from school sporting events, and were sentenced to jail terms. On top of that, they've brought grief and shame to their families, have ruined their reputations, and now will have a criminal record. A big price to pay for a foolish prank!

The lawyer who represented the boy with the lesser sentence stated that now the boy realized he should be careful of the company he keeps.

What probably started out as a cruel practical joke had devastating consequences. The boys apparently got caught up in the moment with no thought of the price that would be required of them. They were influenced by the wrong kinds of friends. 

The book of Proverbs has some wise advice about our choice of buddies. 

"A righteous man is cautious in friendship, but the way of the wicked leads them astray." (Proverbs 12:26)
"He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm." (Proverbs 13:20)
"Do not envy wicked men, do not desire their company; for their hearts plot violence, and their lips talk about making trouble." (Proverbs 24:1)

Or, as our pastor put it, "If you run with the dogs, you'll get fleas!"

So teens, choose your friends wisely. The wrong ones could ruin your life.

Inez Haythorn is a Christian wife, mother, and public school teacher. She is the publisher of Christian Family Treasures, an online magazine for Christian women.


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teen friends

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teen friends