Teaching Your Child To Save
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

It's hard to know how to teach our children the value of a dollar. When they start getting allowance and growing up - they seem to want to buy it all. There are some ways we can help them appreciate how much they have, while learning to spend on only necessary items. 

1. A Family Vacation Jar is a great way for everyone to work together for a desired vacation. This will show children how much money it takes to eat out, get a motel and go to amusement parks, museums, resorts, etc. Everyone will probably value the trip more and not take it for granted. 

2. Allow your child to make their own lunch or clothing purchases. You can give them $20 for a pair of pants for instance. Watch them select their clothes much more carefully! Also, most children don't realize how much it costs to eat out these days. If they only have $4 for lunch, that super-large drink might turn into a small! 

3. Teach them to tithe, by asking them to give some of their allowance to their church each Sunday. This also teaches them to be generous to God and others' with their money. 

4. Start a bank account for each child when they are young. Put monetary birthday gifts, etc. in there. They will be able to see how long it takes to save money, and also how it is beneficial. When they are wise enough and old enough, they can be allowed to access the account themselves. 

Teach your child to take pride in what they have. That includes their finances. 

Dionna Sanchez is Editor/Publisher of Emphasis On Moms. Emphasis strives to encourage moms not only as parents, but also as individual women. Visit Emphasis

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