how to teach your child to pray


Prayer Jar For Kids
By Nadine Hocken

A prayer jar is a fun activity for kids of all ages. Also, at the same time it's a great tool for developing a child's desire to pray. It gives parents and children a great opportunity to pray together, and you know what they say: "A family that prays together stays together!"


Jar (peanutbutter or yogurt containers work well)
Craft Paper
Felt Markers
Paper Clip


Cut paper to the size you need to wrap it completely around your container. Glue paper in place and let dry. Label your container "Prayer Jar", include your child's name to make it more personal. Let your child decorate as desired. Cut out small sheets of craft paper, small enough to fit into your container easily. Write each person's name that your child wants' to pray for on a card. Put a paper clip into the bottom of your Prayer Jar and cover with your labeled cards. Place your Prayer Jar in a place that will be visible, encouraging your child to use it everyday. Some great places are on the table or beside the bed.

How It Works:

Each day let your child pull a card from their Prayer Jar, letting them pray for that person's needs, while you pray with them in agreement. As each card is drawn out and prayed for attach the paper clip around it and put it into the bottom of your Prayer Jar then cover it again with the other cards. When the jar is empty, mix-up your cards and start again.

The rewards of this easy craft and daily activity will be evident as your child uses their Prayer Jar. It will build your parent-child-bond while nurturing a future independent prayer life for your child. This will teach in a fun but simple way the importance of praying and allow your child to see the result of his or her prayers!


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how to teach your child to pray


how to teach your child to pray