taking your husband for granted


Donít Take It For Granted
by Dionna Sanchez

No marriage is perfect. At least I havenít witnessed one. There can be times where we are more vulnerable to temptation from outside influences or even romanticizing someone who we might think is ďmoreĒ perfect than our spouse. Iíve learned those kinds of thoughts need to be rejected immediately because they are dangerous.

I am so thankful for my spouse. God gave me someone who pushes me at times when Iíd rather stay in my comfortable little ďzone.Ē He gave me someone who opens my heart and mind and gives me broader horizons in life to explore, because of it.

Iíve thought of what I would do if something happened to my husband. One day I was sitting there contemplating such a thing. My husband hadnít been feeling well and I was concerned. As my mind can do Ė it went to deep places thinking of all sorts of illnesses and tragedies. I got tears in my eyes and it became so clear to me how deeply I loved and valued my husband in my life.

I thought of all sorts of things. I thought about my children having the trauma of losing a father in their life. I knew that they would suddenly not become the people they would have been had he continued to be there. I thought of how my life would suddenly, dramatically change. Iíd have to know how to handle all of our finances. Iíd be responsible for all choices Ė not having a spouse to bounce my thoughts off of. I thought of the lack of security I would feel in our home and in general. I thought of our dreams and plans and how I would have to decide if I wanted to continue on with those without my husband. I thought of the sudden hole my life would feel as his love would be withdrawn from my life. 

You can see where these thoughts went. I thought of every void, every change, and every different path my life would take without having my husband there. And I didnít like it. Not one bit.

Sure Ė no man is perfect. But then again, neither is any woman. I can complain and whine, or I can choose to make the most of what Iíve been given for life could be so dramatically different.

Iím so thankful I donít have to change the oil on my car or get air in the tires. Iím blessed to have a husband who weeds, mows and does routine house maintenance. I value the fact that he gets up in the middle of the night when I hear a strange noise to check things out for me and help me feel safe. I covet the influence he gives to our children Ė not just on math homework or school projects that I have no clue how to help them on, but in common sense, thinking outside of the box, and learning how to laugh, have fun, and grab hold of life.

We can take our husbands and our marriages for granted. We can wish for something better when in reality, itís in our hands to make it better. We have the choice each day to encourage, uplift, and encourage our husbands to want to be better for us.

Life can change in a heartbeat. Whether itís an illness or a tragic accident, we are not guaranteed to have those we love forever. So Iím thankful for each day that God gives me to have my family. Iím thankful for my husband and all he is and aspires to be for our family and me. May I never take him for granted.

~ Dionna Sanchez is the Founder of the Emphasis On Moms Ministry. Sign up for her encouraging free monthly ezine at http://www.EmphasisOnMoms.com/newsletter.htm

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