story about taking faith seriously


I Take My Faith Seriously
by Dionna Sanchez

From the day I accepted Jesus into my heart at the tender age of 5 - till now - I have taken my faith in the Lord seriously. It's something I've never toyed around with or played with. You don't "toy" with God. At least, I had the fear of Him built into me that I knew that fact early on. It was quite apparent to me that my God was a MIGHTY God. After all, He could crush soldiers in the sea, bring forth horrible plagues, and cause a fierce storm to stop simply by speaking. He could drive out demons, heal someone with a touch, and shut lions' mouths. Yes, I knew that my God was extremely powerful.

I took that knowledge of His power and I held it close to my heart from very early on. My fear of His anger against me helped me stay on the straight and narrow path instead of veering off onto other ones. 

I don't know what it was, but from very early on I felt a "calling" on my life. I had this internal feeling and leading that drove me to be different. I felt special in an "outsider" kind of way. I knew instinctively that my life had purpose, vision, and direction that came straight from God. It always helped me stay focused. Whatever came my way in life, I would use God as my moral compass. It protected me.

As a child, I was very charming, lighthearted and let a lot of things roll off of my back. But never my faith. As an adult, I rubbed shoulders with heartache, pain, and strife. Yet still this didn't pull me from my faith but only drove me deeper to it. I often ask myself why. Why do some people find it so easy to get angry at God and I don't? Why is it easy for some to abandon His truths and I cling to them? Maybe it's that same fear of the Lord that's inside of me. Maybe it's that inner drive I have to please Him with all of my heart. Sure - I question God at times. I wonder why He chooses the people He chooses for certain things. But I've always come back to the fact that there must be a reason. And that has always given my heart some kind of peace.

There are so many things in life that are worth laughing at. Life is fun, joyous, full of life and love. I love to smile, laugh, and be happy. I love to tease and be playful. God can be in the midst of great joy and blessing and I've found Him there with me many times. Yet, I still take my faith seriously. I can have good times without being "casual" about my faith. Meaning - I don't compromise my values in the name of "fun." I don't compromise my beliefs in the name of being accepted or deemed "worthy" by someone else. It's not worth it to me - because I take my faith very seriously.

I wish more people would take their faith seriously. I wish more people would think seriously of their faith when they throw the name of my precious God around in their vocabulary. I wish more people would take the faith they claim they have, seriously, when they dress each day or when they turn their heads away from someone who is new or a little "different" than they are. To be honest - Christians are some of the most "click-ey" people I know! And it breaks my heart. I wish more people would take their faith seriously when deciding what to spend their money on, or how to invest their time. 

I'm not perfect in all of these areas. Far from it. But I do have an internal moral compass that guides me every time I speak, watch a program, or listen to music. I do have inner conviction that reminds me to be honest in the exact moment that it is the hardest, or to turn away from something that I would be too casual about and could lead me to blur Godly values and standards. Because I love the Lord my God with all my HEART, with all my SOUL, and with all my MIND. It is HE who direct my paths - not the current trends, not the "in" crowd, and certainly not Hollywood or the media. It is the Lord. He has never let me down. Not once. Even when I wondered at His methods. He is the best friend I have ever had. 

Oh - if only more "Christians" would take their faith seriously. That is my wish and desire. 

That is my prayer.

~ Dionna Sanchez is the Founder of the ministry. She also blogs about her faith at
and freelance writes.

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story about taking faith seriously


story about taking faith seriously