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Divorce Proof
by Gary & Barb Rosberg
Gary and Barb Rosbergs new national campaign, 'Divorce-Proofing America's Marriages for the sake of the next generation' is at the forefront of their mission to give churches and families the tools and resources to build strong, healthy marriages free of divorce.  Learn more about this exciting new ministry <more...>

Developing Intimacy 
by Joe Beam 
We all crave it, but most of us will never have it. Why? <more... >

Reality Checks for Confrontations
By Dennis Rainey
(c)2000 Used with permission)
As important as it is to be able to lovingly confront your mate when you have a conflict....   <more ...>

The Secret of Relationship Success
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
With a divorce rate in this country that approaches 50%, and a fairly sizable percentage of marriages that arenít particularly blissful, itís difficult to avoid searching for the answer to the battle of the sexes. Would you like to stop searching? <more...>

Relationships: Too Easy To Leave
by Margaret Paul
Sara and Tim, both in their 50ís, have been together for two years. Both have been previously married and divorced. When they met, they fell madly in love, which lasted for a few months. Then the conflicts started. <more...>

Beware Debt Under Construction
by Alyice Edrich
Warning: Americans are filing for bankruptcy at an alarming rate. Spending is out of control. Arguments over finances are destroying families. Financial stresses are among the top five reasons couples divorce. <more...>

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