spiritual warfare prayer


God Teaches Through Dreams 
By Alyice Edrich 

For three or four days straight, I had the same reoccurring dream. I was walking with my husband and an evil spirit, an electricity, I had never felt before was trying to get under my skin and into my body. I felt as though I was being spiritually attacked. At first it was just an occasional attack, and I would call upon the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to protect me. But when I confessed this attack to my husband, the attacks grew closer together. The more I called upon the name of Jesus, the stronger the attacks became. Yet, calling upon the name of the Lord was the only way I was being saved from these attacks. 

In my waking hours, fear of financial struggles plagued my mind. The anxiety, the uncertainty, and the constant stream of things thrown into my familyís life to attack our financial foundation rocked my very being. 

For months, I tried to tackle the task alone. While I said a prayer in passing, I never really gave this part of my life over to the Lord. I kept thinking that as long as I worked hard, I pressed harder, or I prayed more often, God would see me through these troubling times. And He did. 

But the attacks still came, and the more I sought the Lord, the stronger the attacks were. The more I decided to pray earnestly and reverently, and not just in passing, the harder we were hit. Yet, by Godís grace and mercy we went through the storm and came out the other side. 

So why would I doubt the Lord? I found myself feeling worn out, exasperated, and just plain tired of all the financial struggles. So much so, that there have been times when I literally wanted to ďnot prayĒ about a situation because I didnít want to be attacked again. I was beginning to associate my attacks with my prayers. While I hadnít given up on praying or trusting the Lord, these doubts were hindering my spiritual walk with the Lord. 

So what was God trying to teach me in these dreams? 

I believe He was trying to tell me that the closer I draw towards Him, the more I lean on Him, and the more I trust in Him, the more Satan will attack and try to get me to push God aside. 

God was trying to tell me that no matter how strong the attacks feel, and no matter how exasperated I feel in the midst of those attacks, He is always there fighting with me. He doesnít want me to go it alone. In fact, I couldnít survive the attacks alone. In order to come out a winner, I must rely on our Lord and Savior. 

If your life has you hitting your head against a cornerstone, donít give up on the Lord. Press through Satanís attacks on your life and draw your strength on the Lord. 

Alyice Edrich is the author of several work-from-home e-books, including one that allows parents to earn $50 in two hours without joining an MLM or home party business. She is also the editor of The Dabbling Mum.comĖ a national publication for BUSY parents (http://thedabblingmum.com). 

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spiritual warfare prayer


spiritual warfare prayer