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American Dream and Faith

Assurance of Salvation

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Belief in God and healing

Believe In Love

Bible Canon History

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Bible Study Guide

Bible Network News

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Biscuit Storybook Review

Biography of John Newton

Benefits of  Walking

Book Review

Building Self Esteem

Calm Anxious Heart

Caring for Terminally Ill Family Member


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Child Death Story

Church Growth Ideas

Christian Advice

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Christian Fellowship Acts 2:42

Christian Fiction Book Review

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Christian Friendship

Christian Friendship and Influence on Our Kids

Christian Friendships - Women

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Christian Leadership

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Christian Living

Christian Living

Christian Living

Christian Living

Christian Living

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Christian Missions

Christian Praise and Worship

Christian Priorities

Christian Reflection

Christian view of Stem Cell Research

Confess Sin

1 Corinthians 9: 24

1 Corinthians 10 23

1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13


Daily Devotions

Death of Friend

Death and Dying

Definition of Simple Living


Doctrine of Original Sin


Downshifting Simple Life

Downshifting and Material Goods

Elliot Devotion

Encouragement and Love

Encouraging Story of Child

Epistle to Diognetus



Experience God

Global Unity

God's Healing Power

God's Will

Facing Troubles and Disease

Family Values

Feeling Overwhelmed

Flag Etiquette and Display

Following God's Purpose for Our Lives


Frugal Simple Living

Getting Saved

Gift of Prophecy

God and Creation



Grow Faith

Hannah's Hope Karen Kingsbury - Book Review

Happiness and Pleasure - the Difference

Healing from God

Help Hurting Friend

Helping Friend in Need

Hearing from God

How to Share the Gospel


Inspirational Story

Isaiah 58

James 4 13 15


Jesus Resurrection

Laughter Health Benefits

Law and Order of the Universe


Leadership, Vision, Mission Statements

Learning Patience


Leonardo Da Vinci

Life and Priorities

Living in the Moment

Living with Purpose

Love Your Neighbor

Loving God

Making Good Impressions


Meaning of Life

Memorial Day Tribute

Mentor - Christian

Miles to Go

Mission Field

Money and Finances

New Years Resolutions and Goals

New Year's Resolutions

Obedience to God

Orphaned Kittens

Out of Debt

Outreach Ministry and Churches

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Grief

Overcoming Prejudice

Overcoming Pride

Overcoming Procrastination

Passover Seder

Pastor Burnout

People Who Talk Too Much

Persistence and Commitment

Personal Growth

Philippians 4 6

Positive Outlook

Preaching the Truth About Hell

Proper Self-Love

Psalm 119 105

Reality TV Essay

Reducing Stress

Relaxation and Breathing Technique

Rest and Relax

Resurrection of Jesus Christ



Roger Sherman Biography


Second Income

Second Income

Secrets of Success

Secret to Success

Seeking God's Will

Servant's Heart

Service to Others

Share Christ with Child

Sharing Faith

Sharing Faith

Simple Birthdays

Simple Kids

Simple Living

Simple Living

Simple Living

Simple Living and How to Say No

Simple Living for Children

Simple Living Less Busyness, Finding Calm

Simple Living and Quiet Time

Simple Living for Moms

Simple Living and Simple Pleasures

Simple Things

Simple Things in Life

Sleeping Problems

Small Group Ministry

Society and Culture

Sowing and Reaping Law

Spiritual Intimacy

Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Legacy


Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare


Story of Courage

St Patricks day

Submitting to Authority

Suffering - Finding Purpose In

Thankful Attitude

The Atonement of Christ

The Presence of Jesus

The Golden Rule

Things That Matter

Things That Matter Part Two

Time Management

TV Addiction

TV - Effects of Television

TV Negative Effect

TV - Turn Off

Unwholesome Talk - James 3

Vision of Heaven and Hell

Wait on God's Timing

Power of Our Words

Words of Encouragement

Worldview and Purpose of Life

World War 2 Story of War Opran's search for father

Your Body is the Temple of God

Your Future



Christian Holidays


Christmas Activities

Christmas book review

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies Baking Ideas

Christmas Party

Cookies and Decoration

Christmas Check List

Christmas Craft for Kids

Christmas Dog

Christmas expectation

Christmas Finances

Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas Ideas

Christmas Main Page

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Christmas Story

Christmas Story

Christmas Story

Christmas Story Book Review

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Twelve Days

Christmas Volunteering

Creative Christmas Gifts

Dealing with Holiday Stress

Decorating Cookies

Faith in God

Family Christmas

Family Christmas Tradition

Family Christmas Traditions

Funny Christmas Story

God's Commands With a Promise

Gift in a Jar

Gifts for Your Family (Meaningful)

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

History of Santa Claus

Holiday Decorations

Holiday Stress

Holiday Tradition

Holidays for Single Person or Parent

Homemade Christmas Gift

Less Materialism at Christmas

Less Stress at Christmas

Meaningful Christmas

Meaningful Christmas Traditions

Meaningful Simple Christmas

New Christmas Tradition

Non-Traditional Christmas Meal

Recycle Christmas Cards

Renewing Your Mind

Samaritan's Purse Christmas Gift Catalog

Season of Advent

Simple Christmas

Simple Christmas

Simple Christmas

Simple Christmas Idea

Simple Christmas (Ideas for A)

Story About God's Protection

Tell Your Kids About Santa?

Tips for Holiday Shopping

True Meaning of Christmas

Write Christmas Letter

You Are Not Alone


Coloring Easter Eggs

Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket

Easter Celebration

Easter Story

Easter Traditions

Greek Orthodox Easter

Simple Easter Celebrations

Gifts and Giving

50th Anniversary Gift Idea

Anniversary Present Idea

Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Idea

Gift Basket Business

Gift Idea for Teen Girl

Gift Main Page

Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping with Kids

Personalized Birthday Gifts

Wedding Gift Wrapping



Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Decision

Homeschool Decision


Homeschool Methods

Homeschool Teens

House and Home

Attracting Hummingbirds

Caring for Geraniums

Cleaning Tips

Choosing Rose Bushes

Comfort Home


Cookie Swap

Dog Training Sit

Dog Training Down

Dog Training Stay

Decorating Girls Bedroom

Facts about Ladybugs

God in Nature

Growing Geraniums

Housecleaning Tips

How to Eat Healthy

How to Grow Tomato

How to Make Breadsticks - Recipe

History of Cinnamon

Kitchen Design and Work Triangle

Minute Menu

No Sew Fleece Blanket

Organize House and Home

Organize Your Family

Organize Your Files

Organize Your Life

Photographing Your Pet

Planting Roses


Recipe for Chili

Recipe for Casserole

Recipe for Cinnamon Rolls Easy and Fast

Recipe for Spaghetti - Easy

Christmas Story

Starting a Dinner Club

Wedding Gift Ideas


Blogging Tips

Christian Journal

Creative Journaling

Creative Thinking

Food Diary

Homemaking Journal

How to Start a Journal

Journals and Journaling


Journaling and Health

Journaling Your Grateful Heart

Journaling - Children

Journaling for Children - Easy

Journaling The Year in Review

Journaling Family Stories

Journaling in the Kitchen

Journaling Life

Life Journal

Keeping a Personal Journal

Personal Journaling

Personal Journal

Personal Journaling about Your Life

Remembering Special Moments

Writing Good Blogs

Writing Poetry - Christian


Article on Church Growth

Balance Life and Work

Behavior in the Workplace

Christian Time Management

Church Growth Leader


Conference Tips

Courage Lesson

Creativity Cultivating

Credibility in Leadership

Dealing with Failure and Setbacks

Dealing with Negative People

Developing Credibility

Dislike People

Effective Listening

Effective Meetings

Effective Meetings

Effective Teamwork

Employee Motivation

Family Communication

Fear of Public Speaking Tip

George Washington Speech - Lessons Learned

Goal Setting Article

Golden Rule

Giving Speech Tip

Happiness Job

Improve Negotiating Skills

Jesus style of Leadership

Job Dissatisfaction

Leadership Lessons

Leadership Secrets

Learning to Say No

Lifelong Learning Ancora Imparo

Listening Skills

Making an Impression in Your Work

Overcoming Fear in Work

Overcoming Stage fright in Public Speaking

Under Promise Over Deliver - Building Credibility at Work

Path of Least Resistance

Persuasive Speaking

Perseverance Article

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Skill

Resume Cover Letter Tips

Selling Strategy Partnership

Setting Priorities

Speech Writing Tips

Story to Tell

Taking Ownershipo

Things that Undermine Personal Growth

Time Management Strategy

Time Management Tips

Tips for Effective Speech

To Do Lists

Trust in Business

Vision in Leadership

Volunteer Thank You

Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Work Relationships

Work with Passion


Affair - How to Avoid an Affair

Christian Courtship Story

Christian Dating and Courtship

Christian Dating and Courtship

Christian Marriage

Christian Marriage Communication

Date Ideas

Dealing With Alzheimer's

Difference Between Man and Woman

Ephesians 5 22

Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman - Review

Effects of Divorce on Child

I love you in many languages

Improve Marriage

Improving Listening Skills

Love Languages


Marriage Intimacy

Marriage and Money

Marriage Improvement Tip

Planning for a Wedding Reception

Prayer for Husband - Encouraging

Remarriage and Children

Romantic Idea for Him

Romantic Marriage

Romance and Adventure

Stop Divorce

Successful Marriage

Trust in Relationships

Why do people lie


Appreciating Your Wife on Mother's Day

Coaching Youth Sports - Story

Christian Athletics

Fathers Guide to Family Leadership and Vision

Fathers Day

Fathers and Children


Life of Theodore Roosevelt


Men in Midlife

Mid-Life Career Change

Success and Legacy

The Value of a Father

Value of Mothers

What Women Want


Active Listening

Affordable Family Entertainment

Anger in Parenting

Baby Heirlooms - Crafting

Baby Diaper Bag

Baby Names History and Biblical

Baby Naming Tips

Back to School Tips

Back to School Tip

Back to School Planning

Back to School Tip for Parents

Bedtime Bible Stories

Benefits of Reading

Better to Give than to Receive

Bird Feeding Activities for Kids

Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Videos

Book Child Easter

Building Child Self Esteem

Building Self Esteem

Building Self Esteem in Children

Bullies and Bullying

Camping with Dogs

Captain Kangaroo

Character Christian Education

Character Education

Child Behavior

Child and Christian Music

Child Book Review

Child Bullying

Child Character and Compassion

Child Decision Making

Child Discipline

Child Discipline and Boundries

Child Etiquette

Child Exercise

Child Family and Learning

Child Fear

Child Games

Child Physical Activity

Child Physical Activity Tip

Child Play Time

Child Prayer

Child Purpose

Child and Reading

Child Spending Time

Child Succeed School

Child TV Alternative

Childhood Learning

Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Childlike Faith

Children and Discipline

Children and Feelings

Children and Health

Children and Homework

Children and Manners

Children and Money

Children and Music

Children and Reading

Children and Television

Children and TV

Children Learning and Physical Fitness

Children Music Appreciation

Children Physical Skills

Children's Books

Children's Book Reviews

Children's Book Review

Children's Book Revews Nun on the Run 

Children's Classic Book Series

Children's Stories

Children and Chores

Choosing the Right School - School Tours

Chore Charts

Chore Charts for Kids

Chores and Kids

Chores and Children

Christian Family Games

Christian Fathers

Christian Fiction Teen

Christian Heritage

Christian Kids

Christian Movie Reviews

Christian Music

Confident Parenting

Controlling Anger and Kids

Controlling Anger as a Parent

Conversation Starters for Teens


Crafts for Kids

Craft for Kids - Placemat

How to Raise Creative Kids

Creativity and Kids

Creativity and Children

Curriculum for Preschoolers

Dads, Daughters, Sons - Playtime

Dealing with Miscarriage

Dealing with Your Past

Delegating Household Work to Family

Developing Courage

Disney World Guide

Disney World Vacation

Emotional Intelligence and Kids

Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest

Encouraging Your Kids

Entertain Kids with Family Games

Explaining War and Suffering

Failing School

Family Fun

Family Games: Scrabble

Family Game Idea

Family Priorities

Family Leadership

Family Meal Time

Family Meetings

Family Mission Statement

Family Spending Time

Family Time

Family Time Management

Family Priorities

Family Traditions

Family Traditions

Family Traditions

Family Traditions

Family Traditions

Family Traditions Meaningful

Father Child Self Esteem

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Fun Activity

Getting to Church On Time

Graduation Gift Ideas

Grandparent tips on kids behavior

Growing Container Gardens

Halloween and Christians

Having a Third Child

Healthy Eating Habits

Holidays and Seasons for Parents

Homework Helps

Homework Helper


How to Build a Family Tree

Hug Your Child

Hugging and Loving Your Children

Husband Wife Relationship for Parenting

Improve Listening Skills in Children

International Adoption and Orphans

Internet Filter

Job Shadowing for Teens

Kid Behavior

Kids Crafts

Kids and Games

Kids and Cooking

Kids Fall Craft Ideas

Kid Play Time

Kids Party Planning

Kids Party Games

Leave a Legacy

Less Video Games

Listening to Your Kids

Listening to Children

Love Child

Love Child - How to Say

Love Letters for Your Children

Make Friends High School

Media Influence and Kids

Media Influence on Kids

Modest Dress and Clothing

Money Management for Teens

MOPS International

Mother Priorities

Mother's Helper

Motor Skill Development in Children

Music for Young Child

Nature Activity

New Dad

Now I lay me down to sleep

Open Communication with Teens

Overscheduled Kids

Overprotection and Overparenting

Parent Stress

Parental Involvement

Parenting Advice

Parenting Children and Time

Parenting Main Page

Parenting Family History

Parenting Humor

Parenting and Homework

Parenting Middle School Kids

Parenting Style

Parenting Style

Parenting Teenagers

Parenting Teens - Respect

Parenting Toddlers

Parenting - Vision

Peer Pressure

Pet Loss

Play Time and Crafts

Play with Your Kids


Playing with Your Kids

Play Time and Crafts

Play With Kids

Poetry For Children

Preparing Kids for Kindergarten

Pre-Teen Book Review

Prom Night Choices

Raising Children Overseas

Raising Creative Grandchildren

Raising Responsible Kids

Reading Piano Music

Responsible Children

Responsibility and Chores

Rest for Stay at Home Moms

Saint Brendan Book Review

School and Children

School Projects

Selfless Love and Mothers

Show Love to Child

Show Love to Your Kids

Showing Love

Summer Activity

Summer Job for Teen

Simple Family Life

Spending Time with Kids

Spring Time Fun for Kids

Story of Stillborn Birth and Memorial

Stress Relief

Successful Parents

Talking to Your Kids

Teach Reading to Child - Encouragement

Teaching Child Values

Teaching Child to Read

Teaching Children About Money

Teaching Good Manners to Children

Teaching Responsibility

Teaching Traditional Values

Telling Kids Stories

Ten Ideas on Teaching Responsibility

Teen Bible Study

Teen Friends

Teen Volunteer

Teens, Media, and Clothes

Thomas Edison Teaching Tip

Time for Kids

Tips for New Mothers

Toddler Behavior

True Love Waits

Turn off the TV

United Way 211

Valentines Day for Kids

Wacky Races Review

What Matters to Children

Winter Activities

Winter Games

Youth Sports Article - Alternative to Youth Sports

Organizing Your Life

Meal Planning


Daily Prayer for Women

Healing Prayer Ministry

Listening to God


Prayer and Anger

Prayer and Discipline

Prayer of Saint Francis

Prayer for Child

Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Husband

Prayer Journal

Prayer Journal

Prayer Main Page

Prayer for Marriage

Prayer for School and Teachers

Prayer Time

Prayer Time

Scriptural Prayer for the Troubled

Sermon on Prayer

Spiritual Warfare Prayer

The Lord's Prayer

How to Pray 


Pro-Life Update


Christian Book Review

Christian Jobs

Christian Links

Christian News

Christian Writer

Donation Ideas

Gift Giving Ideas

Conditional Acceptance

About Us


Chalking and Scrapbooking

Easter Scrapbooking

Family Camping Scrapbook

Family Scrapbook

Family Memory Books

Grandparents Tribute

Keepsakes and Scrapbooks 

Mothers Day Gift Idea

Preserve Family Memories


Scrapbooking Dinner Diaries

Scrapbooking Family

Scrapbooking Family Journal

Scrapbooking Recipes

Scrapbook Journaling

Scrapbook Journaling Ideas

Scrapbook Journal Idea Using Song Lyrics

Scrapbooking for Teens

Scrapbooking Tips and Ideas for Moms

Simple Scrapbook Ideas

Protect Photos

Vacation Scrapbooking Ideas


Easy Thanksgiving Recipe

History of Thanksgiving

Holiday Decorating

Holiday Ideas

Holiday Thankfulness

Potato Casserole Recipe

Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining

Thankful for Family

Thanksgiving - Main Page

Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving Fitness

Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Humor

Thanksgiving Invitation

Thanksgiving Story

Thanksgiving Traditions

Valentine's Day

History of Valentine's Day

I Love You Tree Craft

Poetry Stones

Simple Valentine's Day

Single on Valentines

Unusual Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Card and Thoughts

Valentine's Day Craft

Visionary Family

Leading with Vision


Creative Mothers Day Ideas

Christian Woman Friendships - Suffering

Christian Man Gift

Death of Mother

Expectant Mother's Day Story

Frugal Mother's Day Gifts 

History of Mother's Day

Inner Beauty

Inexpensive Quilting

Joke for Mom

Keeping a Diary

Morning Wake Up

Mother Daughter Story

Mother Daughter Relationship

Mother Daughter Relationship

Mother's Day Encouragement

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day History

Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day Main Page

Mother's Day Tradition Ideas

National Women's History Month

New Grandmother's Tips

Prayer for Husband

Proverbs 31 Woman


Rest for Busy Moms

Returning to College as an Adult

Simple Mother's Day Gift

Slowing Down - Simple Living for Moms

Stay at Home Mother - Humorous

Stay at Home Moms - Finance

Stay at Home Mom and Stress

Super Mom Syndrome

Making the Stay at Home Mom Decision

Time Management for Mothers

Time Management for Moms

Wedding Planning - How to involve your fiance

Wedding Shower Ideas

Woman and Stress

Women and Friendships

Women of Faith

Work and Career

The Second Job Interview

Multiple Job Offers

Preparing for the Job Interview

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