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Letting Our Kids BE Kids
by Dionna Sanchez

Society is changing. There are so many new activities and opportunities available to children. Five year olds are playing softball. Ten year olds have the chance to play football. It amazes me sometimes. It bothers me.
You see, I think we put our children into TOO many activities. They may have fun and even be good at it. But what did they really WANT to do? Is it really necessary to have them in all kinds of activities because we think they will be good and look cute?

Thomas Kincade, the famous painter, only allows his children to participate in 2 activities a year. He feels they are not deprived, but instead of being over involved, are given more access to their parents. And that is what is truly important.

We can let them pursue their interests and talents. Let them choose a couple things a year to be involved in. But letís stop there. The rest of the time can be devoted to laughing, playing, and goofing off. JUST BEING KIDS. We have to grow up too quickly these days as it is. Letís not take away our childrenís creative free time as well. They wonít be behind physically if they donít start sports at age 5. And it will free up our schedules as parents. We can use it to invest in their growing character. So relax!

I think we just forget sometimes that less is more. There will be so many things we can share with our children throughout their lives. Letís try to resist doing it all at once. Iím game. Are you?

~Dionna Sanchez raises 3 children in Idaho. She created the Emphasis On Moms ministry to inspire all moms to enjoy their role in the home. Visit today at

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simple kids


simple kids