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"I Love You" Prizes
y Dionna Sanchez 

Many of the traditions that we implement within our families are there because we want to demonstrate our love for each other. You do something once and it ends up becoming such a big hit with everyone that it becomes a tradition; a way of saying "I love you." 

One way I let my family know I love them is by giving them "I love you" prizes. I don't do this very often but when I do - excitement really prevails around our home. It is a great way for me to convey to my kids that I like to make their life fun on an otherwise ordinary day. 

When I decide I'm going to do prizes (presents) for my family.... I don't make it a lavish thing. It's just a little something. I like to do this in the summertime or during spans of time when there have been no Holidays, birthdays, etc so that the gift is really unexpected and 

If you come up with names for ordinary activities like giving a gift and calling it a "I love you" prize; you'd be amazed at how that name changes the way the situation is viewed. It will become well-known and referred to often after you have done it a few times. 

Have some fun and show your family some love with a thought-out, little token of your heart. 

~ Dionna Sanchez is a writer, dreamer, and mother. She created Emphasis On Moms at 

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