selfless love


A Self-Less Mom 
by Dionna Sanchez

I think the most successful moms are the ones who are self-less. The ones who find it second nature to give up a warm meal; to miss their favorite show in order to watch "Princess Diaries 2" for the 7th time; the ones who have no issues with unfinished projects or never getting alone time. 

I think (for most of us) being self-less is a hard thing to learn. I know that for myself, I have a hard time giving certain things up. And I'm not saying that moms should have no boundaries or guidelines in their homes or their lives. I'm just learning that in order for me to stress less, laugh more, and enjoy a calmer attitude - I need to give up my prideful side - the side that frets over what "I" lost out on. 

Because what are we teaching our children when we act that way? I love learning new revelations in my heart and in my life. This is just the latest one on my stretch to becoming the kind of mom I dream of being. I'm still learning how to become a selfless mother. But I'm working on it. I keep reminding myself of what my priorities in life are. My children are certainly a priority. And in the big scope of things - how important will some of the things I give up - be tomorrow, next week, or even next year?? But investing in my children's hearts will matter always. 

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selfless love


selfless love