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Do I Have to? Getting the Job Done!
by Colleen Langenfeld

But I don't want to!

Ever hear those words? Maybe from a child...or even from a colleague (although they probably phrase it more 

But wait!

Do you ever hear those words from yourself?

We all have tasks that we need to get done but regard as less than pleasant. Digging in and getting the job done is certainly necessary, but if we're dragging our feet every step of the way, we are using a lot of emotional energy and probably wasting time through procrastination as well.

Here are some simple tricks to keep you moving, even when you'd rather not!

- Reward yourself for a job well done.
This is at the top of the list, because it's the simplest 
trick and generally works well for most people.

- Set a time limit.
This can help prevent you from feeling the dreaded task 
will go on forever.

- Do it with a buddy.
Everyone knows it's easier to share work with a friend. 
Or involve your kids, if appropriate. Sure, the garage 
has to be cleaned, but show your teen how you like it 
done and do it together. You get a companion, he learns 
a new skill, and the job gets done.

- Do it twice and skip the next time.
If the task can be done up ahead of time, do it twice 
while you have all your equipment assembled, etc. That's the rationale behind cooking once and eating twice.

- Trade with a friend.
Can you find someone who doesn't mind doing your task 
and you take on one she doesn't care for?

- Do it first.
Also known as 'get it over with'. Get the chore out of 
the way first and you'll be singing the rest of the day.

- Make a game of it.
How fast can you get this job done? Can you improve your performance from the last time you completed it? Can you get it done without getting frustrated? Always look for a better, faster, easier, cheaper way to get your job done...more important still if it's an unpleasant task.

- Delegate it.
Are you even supposed to be doing this task? Sometimes 
we continue doing things for years because...well...we've been doing them for years. Obviously, if it's truly your task to do, you need to do it. But if times have changed and it should be handed off to another person who can do it better, you'll want to recognize that, too.

- See the positive side.
The right attitude is everything. Maybe it's a stinky 
job, but someone's got to do it and that someone is you. 
Put on your superb attitude and make the best of it. Are 
you learning or practicing skills you can use elsewhere? 
Excellence is needed everywhere these days; after all, 
anyone can be upbeat when life's going well. When tasks 
are tough is when we find out what we're made of.

- Ask someone for help.
If your task has genuinely got you down in the dumps, 
maybe what you need is a new perspective. Ask someone you trust to go over your frustrations with you; maybe a fresh eye can see solutions you've passed over. Can't hurt to ask! 

- Do a little, play a little, do a little more.
I once knew a woman who hated to vacuum. She would 
vacuum one room, and then play her beloved piano. Vacuum another room, play more music. And so it went through her home. She turned a disliked chore into an excuse to do a favorite thing. Pretty smart.

Of course, not all these tricks will work for every 
task, but with some flexibility you might adapt a couple 
of helpful hints to work in your situation. And that's 
the key: frustration and complaining don't have the power to make a difference for you, but creativity, positive thinking, and results-oriented planning can be the tools you use to move past those frustrating tasks into solutions that work for you!


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self motivation

self motivation