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Photo Holiday Albums
By Dionna Sanchez
Create a fun family tradition. Start a Photo Holiday Album! Pick the Holiday you want to create the album for; it can be Christmas, Thanksgiving, Family Reunions, Baby Showers within the family, etc. Then put all <more...>

Learn how to create Coffee Table Photo Books!

Creating Vacation Memories
by Rachel Paxton
My daughter and I recently had the opportunity to spend a week at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We were totally overwhelmed with all the things there were to do, and I had no idea how we would ever be able to remember it all. <more...>

Family Scrapbook
by Dionna Sanchez 
I love looking at new ideas that will help you savor family memories. I think memories and ideas that can be passed from generation to generation are important. It is heartwarming and increases family bonding when you learn to start fun, new traditions within your family unit. <more...>

Friendship Albums
by Rachel Paxton
My 12-year-old daughter was mad at me when I refused to pay $25 for a school yearbook last year. Who are they trying to kid?  <more...>

Family Camping Scrapbook Layout
by Rachel Paxton
After a recent family camping trip to Mt. Rainier National
Forest, I wanted to come up with a scrapbooking layout that incorporated photos of the beautiful, 1,000-year-old trees we visited at the Grove of the Patriarchs.  <more...>

An Ideal Creative Outlet for Moms
by Susie Cortright
I remember, not so long ago, looking at the boxes and boxes of my babies' photographs and becoming so overwhelmed by the notion that I had better get them organized and labeled before I lost track of which kid was which. <more...>

Chalking Made Easy: 
Simple Instructions for Scrapbookers and Card Designers

by Susie Cortright
Chalking is a quick, inexpensive way to add creativity, color, and character to your scrapbooking layouts and other papercrafts. <more...>

Take the Mystery out of Preserving Your 
Family History
by LeAnn R. Ralph
LeAnn R. Ralph 2004
Although the phrase, "everybody has a story to tell" may sound like a cliche, it's true.  And after working as a newspaper reporter for nine years, I know that everyone does, indeed, have a story to tell, including your family members.  <more...>

Remembering Grandparents
by Dionna Sanchez
Many families seek to find ways to remember special grandparents after they have passed away. It helps them work through their grief and it solidifies memories before they fade away for the grandchildren.  <more...>

Summer Keepsake Ideas
by Deborah Shelton
Don't let the carefree days of summer fade away. Keep your memories of fun in the sun fresh with these keepsake ideas. <more...>

Stress-Free Scrapbook Journaling Ideas
by Elaine Clay
Do you find it intimidating when you come to journal your scrapbook pages?  You are not alone! Many scrapbookers find it hard to get started when it comes to adding journaling to their scrapbooking layouts.  <more...>

My Shadow Pet Tribute Scrapbooking Layout
by Rachel Paxton
Create a fun poem tribute for your favorite pet. Here's what you need to get started: <more...>

Friends are Forever Scrapbooking Layout
by Rachel Paxton
Create a scrapbooking layout as a tribute to a favorite friend.  Here's what you need to get started:  <more...>

The Gift of Reminiscing
by Dionna Sanchez
I have had the opportunity to go through some old scrapbooks, photo albums, and journals lately. It has been a wonderful delight to realize that a whole hour has gone by as I have immersed myself in memories of the past. I don't get the chance to do that very often, but have really felt blessed as I have recalled so many hidden treasures in my heart of those I love. <more...>

A Family Heirloom Cookbook Christmas Gift
by Mary Emma Allen
I'm frequently asked for information about creating heirloom cookbooks to preserve family recipes. Recently a reader said she was making a family recipe scrapbook for her sister as a birthday gift and wondered if I had any suggestions.  <more...>

Need A Scrapbook Journaling Idea?
by Elaine Clay
Try using song lyrics in your next layout.  Song lyrics can be a great source of title and page inspiration for a scraper.  Music and songs play an important part in our lives. Hearing a song again can evoke a lot of emotion, bringing back fond memories of special times, special people and special places.  <more...>

Simple Scrapbooking Tips & Ideas
by Tara Grant
Scrapbooking is a great hobby and a wonderful way to preserve your photos with style! The art of scrapbooking is not hard at all! All you really need is a creative mind and the urge to create masterpieces! Once you have the general idea of scrapbooking down, use these ideas to create more meaningful pages!  <more...>

Who's Coming to Dinner?
by Mary Emma Allen
Whenever there's a library book sale, I head for the cookbook table. At a recent sale, I discovered a journal in this section of books. Only a few pages had been written, and I wondered if someone had placed it here <more...>

Family Memory Journal
By Rachel Paxton
A family memory journal is a fun, easy way to preserve family memories. A couple of years ago I was sorting through a pile of unused journals (many given to me as presents!) and was trying to come up with a way to put them to good use.  <more...>

Scrapbooking Recipes for the Holidays
by Mary Emma Allen
Saving your memories of holiday occasions ranks high on the list of scrapbooking activities. This usually is a time when families get together, take many pictures and make memories with traditional and new festivities.  <more...>

Preserving Memories Through Scrapbook Journaling
by Inez Haythorn
Many of us keep picture albums, scrapbooks, and maybe even journals or diaries. Why not combine them? Scrapbook journaling is a way to record the important times of your life by using photos, keepsakes  <more...>

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