School Project Organizing


Is School Stressing Out Your Child - and You?
by Kathy Schlegel
Organized Enough

Summer and vacation time is almost here. First, however, there’s that research paper or project that just needs to be completed. Here are five tips to prevent stressing out and last minute panic. Have your child ask:

1. What do I want to do to complete this project or paper? 
Sure, you have to do it. Try to find a reason you want to do it. You could learn something interesting. Just
Think how great you’ll feel when you have completed it! You might want to decide on a reward you will get when you have turned in your assignment. Rewards don’t have to be big or expensive, and they work great as motivators. 

2. When is it due? 
Remember that the “due” date is not the “do” date. Put the due date on your calendar. How many days is that from today? How many of those days can you work on it, and how long will you work on it on those days? Schedule that time on your calendar. 

3. Do I understand the directions?
Go over the directions, step-by-step. If you aren’t sure, ask your teacher or parent. 

4. What are the things I need to get done?
Make a list of every little step you’ll need to take. Going to the library could be four steps: 1) Find the phone number of the library, 2) Call the library to find out when it’s open, 3) Find a ride to the library and 4) Go to the library. Keep the list on a clipboard, and check off each step as you complete it.

5. Where am I going to work on this assignment?
Set up one place where you will work and keep all the projects information there. Whenever you need to
Walk away from your work, think about where you will begin when you come back. Do whatever you
Can think of to prevent wasting time when you come back to your project. For example, you can
Leave yourself a note or leave a book open to the page you want to start on. To find your current work
On your computer, save it to the desktop. 

Becoming organized, getting clear on direction, implementing time management, and setting up a work area can help your child and you become less stressed and panic free as projects and papers become due and summer is ‘in the air.’ 

Kathy is a Professional Organizer for ADD/ADHD students and can help you get your child organized for school success. Sign up for her FREE Newsletter and get “10 Free Homework Tips” at To find out more about Kathy’s services and products, please visit her website at Permission is granted to copy as long as full contact information is attached.

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School Project Organizing

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School Project Organizing