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Middle School Blues
by Colleen Langenfeld
Are you singing the Middle School Blues?  If you have a son or daughter in the sixth, seventh or eighth grade, you know what I am talking about!  <more...>

Backpacks and Bullies. Is Your Child Prepared?
by Patricia Gatto
As the flurry of Back to School activities subside, parents are left to ponder more pressing issues than notebooks, backpacks, and sneakers.  <more...>

From Children's Stories to Study Skills: 
Help Your Children Succeed in School 
by Barbara Freedman-De Vito
As a parent who wants the best for your children, there are undoubtedly many things that you already do every day to help your children succeed in school. The purpose of this article is to provide some practical ideas for you to try. Some of these suggestions may be new to you, many will be familiar, and some are just plain

Preparing for Back to School
by Lisa M. Hendey
Moms all over the country are counting the days until “back to school”, while kids are busy packing in every last minute of fun and relaxation available. The following are a few tips to ease your family’s transition to the school day schedule:  <more...>

Help Your Kids Make Friends At High School 
by Frank McGinty
As the new school term gets under way, many children entering high school worry about making new friends. Without being in their face, there's a lot parents can do to help them with this major change in their lives.

Make Readers of Your Future Leaders
by Colleen Langenfeld
Everyone wants their kids to do well.  To that end, we educate them, hover over them and spend lots of time and money guiding them into a future with no guarantees.  This is all good stuff, but sometimes it's easy to overlook the simple things that can offer big results for small investments.  Like reading.

The Benefits of Reading
by LeAnn R. Ralph
Did you know that reading can keep your mind active and engaged well into old age?  Several years ago when I was working as a newspaper reporter, I interviewed a woman who was a resident at a local nursing home. She was 100 years old. And she read at least one book per week. Mostly novels. She was bright, intelligent and fun to talk with.

New Hope for Old Farmers
by LeAnn R. Ralph
New Hope for Old Farmers: Americans Long for Life 'Down on the Farm'.  Imagine my surprise when I read an article in the April 2005 edition of Reader's Digest informing me that membership in Future Farmers of America (FFA) has hit a 22-year record high.

Making the Most of School Tours
by Marie Roker
Choosing the right school for your child is a very big decision. School tours are the best way to find out more about the school. The only way to make an informed decision is to visit the school. Before you take your next school tour, you want to make sure that you are well prepared and have carefully examined all the facts about the school you and your child are choosing. 

How To Help Your Child Learn.
by Barbara White
Just as every snowflake is unique, so is every child. The way that children learn depends on a number of different factors and when combined together, this creates their unique learning styles. By helping your children discover how they learn best, you will help set them up for life time success in learning. In doing this you can reduce the frustrations that come through trying to learn in a way that does not use their particular strengths and to them seems uncomfortable. 

Homework Helper
by Marilynne Eichinger
Helping your child to think independently and critically is a difficult challenge of parenthood. Equally challenging can be the process of supporting your child through homework without doing it for them. As parents, most of us remember doing homework and receiving assistance from adults to complete it. Few of us, however, were taught at "Parents University" to assist

How Children Learn
by Shelley Ruiz
The single most important thing caregivers can do for a child is provide a nurturing environment. By doing this, we influence children’s brain development and their ability to learn. Introducing nurtured children to learning  <more...> 

Is School Stressing Out Your Child - and You?
by Kathy Schlegel
Summer and vacation time is almost here. First, however, there’s that research paper or project that just needs to be completed. Here are five tips to prevent stressing out and last minute panic. Have your child ask:  1. What do I want to do to complete this project or paper? 

Back To School - Fun or Blues?
by Susie Glennan
Do you look forward to your children going back to school? Do you dread getting them ready? There’s so much to do such as purchase new school clothes and office supplies and then get it all organized.   Make it a fun time for all of you. Use this time to teach your children how to organize. Encourage them with the excitement of having neat, new, and clean things. It really does make a difference!  <more...>

Our Approach to Education
by Eberhard Arnold
The educational fellowship of our children's community is founded on faith in the good Spirit at work in all people, and in a special way in all children. On the basis of this faith we stand for the autonomy of the child and of the children's community. By this we do not at all mean that all that a child may demand and do at the urge of his own impulses is to be called good. By autonomy we mean the awakening of the child by the Spirit <more...>

Back To School Basics
by Colleen Langenfeld
The school year is in full swing again in many places and with it, another opportunity to make the days run a bit smoother than they did before. Like most parents, I've discovered there are a handful of challenges each year that need to be addressed to make for a productive, successful school year.  <more...>

Help Your Children to Love Reading
by Tracy Catarius
It is so important to create an environment that promotes the love of reading. Not only is reading necessary for survival in today’s world, it is educational, it sparks imagination, it is a stress reliever, provides entertainment and enjoyment, the list goes on. 
Here are some ideas to help you help your child love reading. <more...>

How to Offset the Back-to-School Blues
by Christine Louise Hohlbaum
My mother once said the only thing we can count on in life is change. Our children change, we change, cities change, Presidents change, and unless you live near the equator, seasons change.  <more...>

Practical Parenting: How to Cure the Homework Blues
by Leigh Butler
This is probably the most overlooked aspect of effective and efficient homework completion. Children need to <more...>

Saving Money on Preschool: 
Readiness Skills Needed for Kindergarten
by Michelle Jones
As a mom of 4 who's youngest child is about to start Kindergarten this Fall, I'd like to share with you some things I've learned about Preschool over the last ten years, along with a list of readiness skills every child can be learning at home - whether attending Preschool or not.  <more...>

Homework Help: Motivate Your Child To Learn 
by Jenifer Pellegrino
Let's face it, children often aren't enthusiastic about homework. It is a crucial part of learning though, a reinforcement of what was taught that day in school. Here are some homework help ideas to get your child motivated to learn.  <more...>

Learning is Family Affair
by Marilynne Eichinger
My daughters have chosen two different approaches to educating their children. One has been doing an excellent job home schooling while the other sends her children to a wonderful public school. Both women, however, supplement the formal curriculum with an informal one by taking family field trips, visiting museums, and <more...>

Did you say write a curriculum? 
By Amy Tanner
It was not money or the lack of it that got me writing that day. It was love. Love for my children, love for their future, love for the world (sounds like a song I know!!!!) and love for what any child can accomplish if motivated. <more...>



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