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Take A Break
By Lee Wise

"Creating Mini Vacations Right Where You Are"
Lee Wise 2003 All rights reserved 


That's right: relaxing. 

You'd like to, wouldn't you? I can almost hear you though: "You gotta be kiddin'! Vacation? Good night, I can hardly find time drink my vitamin C filled orange juice in the morning let alone think about a vacation. Get real!" 

I identify. 

So why not think about a "minute" vacation? Really. Sixty seconds of pure, "just your own" relaxation. Let that sink in: sixty seconds of pure, "just your own" relaxation. 


To do it you gotta think about a time you just loved. Let's say a time at the beach for example. In reflecting about your time at the beach, you might find yourself going over thoughts like these: 

"It was great. I'd get up in the morning, go down to the beach and just 'be there.' 

Sometimes I'd pray. Sometimes I would walk down to the pier. And sometimes I would just sit and listen to the waves. 

It was great. I remember walking out on the beach and sighing. Yep, you got it -- sighing. It was a nice, *total relaxing sigh.* When I think of a great time at the beach -- that's what I think about!" And you are right: that is what I think about -- my time at the beach a few years ago ;-) 

Something similar: that's what you need to think about if you are going to take your own one-minute vacation. Whatever it is... You think about it. You feel it. You sense it. 

And here's the key: until you have some sense of an emotional "release." The moment you know you have returned *inside* to your special place of enjoyment. Like my own deep, relaxing sigh on the beach. When you do that, you've taken a minute vacation. Your own sixty seconds of pure, "just your own" relaxation. 


Here are a few short "principles" to put into practice as you develop the art of taking "minute vacations." (A side note: yes, they could be two or three minute vacations. The idea is short and "attainable" times.) 

Principle number one... Stop! You got it: stop. You just simply stop. Shut down. Capooie. Did I get the point across? LOL. You gotta stop! 

Principle number two... Inside you think: "No responsibilities." Absolutely none. Zero. And you may find you have to... 


In this process I have found it helpful to give myself permission to have a break. That is, as thoughts start to come and destroy your mental walk on the beach, you can affirm something like: "Not here! Not now! These moments are mine!" And you go ahead and take your one, two or three minute vacation. 


I had a student stop by my office about a week or so ago and say to me: "I'm still taking those minute vacations! Thanks for the idea." I have taken many, many minute vacations. I enjoy them. In short: it works. 

Yours for a day filled with beautiful moments in time, 


P.S. Have you thought about "where" you will take your mini vacation yet? 

Go ahead.  At least get a few ideas. A minute or two. Everyone has a minute or two :) 

Lee is a seminary administrator, has a part-time business at home, and writes two motivational ezines: "A Beautiful Moment In Time" and "Hope For Daily Living."  Lee@vital-sea-nutrients.net  http://www.vital-sea-nutrients.net

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