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Gentle Moments
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

I watched a videotape the other day. It was of my daughterís first year of life. I got tears in my eyes, as I relived treasured moments. It reminded me of how quickly we race through life. We forget to set aside time to relish things on a regular basis.

Iím the kind of person who loves to soak in the precious moments of life. I save special cards, listen to songs that take me back to a certain time or place, and savor my photographs. But, Iím also the kind of person who likes to be organized and have things in their rightful places. This kind of trait sometimes leaves me focused on my agenda, instead of allowing me to relax and enjoy the moment.
That is my great desire. I want to let time stand still in my heart and mind when my daughter falls asleep in my arms. So I will never forget how it feels or what she looks like. I want to embrace quiet days at home, long-distance phone calls during dinner and unexpected guests.

Iíve come to realize these things are what makes life so rich, so full, and so vibrant. Not, a spotless house. Itís the gentle moments that occur every day that make our lives so special. The times where we stop long enough to use our senses and really take in the smells, sounds, colors and feelings of the moment. Iím so thankful for them and I plan to have a lot more in my life. 

It doesnít matter where you live, or how many people you have around you. We are all blessed with gifts of gentle moments each and every day. Iím gonna go find one right nowÖ..

~Dionna Sanchez enjoys gentle moments from her home in Idaho. She is Editor/Publisher of Emphasis On Moms at

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remembering special moments in the life of your child