15 Ways to Nurture the Nurturer
by Christine Louise Hohlbaum
Diary of a Mother

Mom! I want juice! Dad, Iím hungry! Where are my favorite socks? Who touched my toys? Hey, he just hit me! No, you started itÖ

Has your day ever begun this way? Then, you are not alone. We parents endure a myriad of stress, juggling career and family, and balancing the moods of our loved ones like a circus plate spinner. It is no wonder that we need a little solace from our day-to-day lives every now and then. Enter the comfort zone with the following suggestions to care for the caretaker:

15-Minute Treats

∑ Take a relaxing bubble bath with a scented bath oil bead. Itís 15 cents and 15 minutes out of your life that can leave you refreshed for hours afterwards.

∑ Take a power walk outside while wearing your headphones. Blot out the world around you and enjoy the fresh air.

∑ Write in your journal or read a magazine. Reading and writing can be very relaxing and cathartic activities.

∑ Browse the aisles of your favorite store. Craft stores always give me an uplifting feeling. Maybe your favorite store is an automotive shop. Go for it!

∑ Flip through your vacation photo album and mentally plan your next trip.

One-Hour Treats

∑ Get a professional massage.
∑ Take a yoga class.
∑ Take a leisurely stroll in the park and feed the ducks.
∑ Get a facial.
∑ Eat an entire meal without getting up once to get the ketchup (you may need to go to a restaurant for this one).

One-Day Treats

∑ Go to a museum.
∑ Plan a day by yourself in your favorite city.
∑ Take a hike with an old friend.
∑ Enroll in one day workshop on a new topic (cooking, oil painting, furniture refurbishing, etc.)
∑ Attend a free lecture or conference on a topic of interest.

Taking care of our own needs is an integral part of an empowered life. Ultimately, nurturing the nurturer makes not only you, but your whole family thrive.

Christine Louise Hohlbaum, American author of Diary of a Mother: Parenting Stories and Other Stuff, has been published in hundreds of publications. She has appeared on several national and international radio programs to discuss living an empowered life as a parent. When she isnít writing or speaking, Christine prefers to frolic in the Bavarian countryside near Munich where she lives with her husband and two children . Visit her Web site:

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