Raising a Modern Day Knight


Raising a Modern Day Knight
by Carl Caton

Why does the book, Raising a Modern Day Knight, continue to consistently sell after eleven years of being on the shelf and multiple printings? Because the author, Robert Lewis, as revealed some important truths that have long been forgotten by our culture. Our boys desperately need their fathers to call them up into an authentic and vibrant manhood!

But there's something more I want to share with you about this book/movement. Raising a Modern Day Knight is not just another book about parenting. It's a completely different style of raising boys. You see, most parenting books are written from the vantage point of "management", or even "micromanagement". Should I discipline my son when this happens? What is an appropriate curfew? Should I limit his access to video games? It's all about a "management" style of parenting.

Raising a Modern Day Knight is about "leadership" - or better yet - it's about "visionary leadership". This book fleshes out examples on how to lead your son into authentic manhood. It's about how to help your son "see" his destination. It's about creating a fire inside your son that propels him toward a worthy goal. It's more about pointing him in the right direction and then, standing back and acting as his coach and cheerleader.

As I've applied the principles of this book in my son's life, I've been amazed at the transformation that has taken place. As I've realized the power of "visionary leadership" principles, I've tried to understand the elements involved in this powerful process. Along the way, I've used these leadership ideas to motivate both of my kids. Take a moment to learn more about this concept of "visionary leadership" within the family... and expect some powerful results! <more...>

How I discovered the Raising a Modern Day Knight movement....
For many years, my son and I have participated in a father/son retreat with a group of dads who all seemed very connected with their sons. One of these dads, Marc, came across a very popular book titled "Raising a Modern Day Knight". After reading the book, Marc organized a "manhood ceremony" for his twelve year old son. In a nutshell, several men who were influential in this young man's life came together and honored him for an evening as they celebrated his passage from boyhood to becoming a young man. At this ceremony these men acknowledged that, indeed, he had become a young man and was on his way to becoming part of the circle of men. They shared that he now had new privileges... as well as new responsibilities. In this healthy masculine environment, that young man was transformed by his acceptance. He went on to show that we was worthy of his new calling by becoming a young man who 1) rejected passivity, 2) accepted responsibility, 3) led courageously, and 4) expected God's greater reward. The rest of us dads watch with awe as this young man prospered and matured before our eyes.

So it comes as no surprise that many of us dads are following this wonderful example set by Marc and his son. I just finished reading the book myself. When I read the last page and laid the book on the table, I was overcome with great expectations as to what lays ahead for my twelve year old. My son will turn thirteen in February and I'm currently planning his Raising a Modern Day Knight ceremony.

In a few weeks, I will begin a blog where I will write about going through this process. Along the way, I hope to connect with other "Raising a Modern Day Knight Dads" who can share their own experiences and advice. I'm thrilled with being able to be a part of such an exciting resurgence of true and God inspired masculinity. I hope you will come along for the ride and share your advice as I walk along this path.

Would you email me with your ideas or comments? Also, if this proves to be valuable to people, I will set up an online community where we can exchange ideas.

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Carl Caton

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Raising a Modern Day Knight

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Raising a Modern Day Knight


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