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Quiet Time
by Bria Simpson
Bria Coaching Company

"Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is." - Thomas Szasz, Hungarian psychiatrist 

Serenity? A quiet mind? I must be joking! No, not really. If we want to connect with our inner selves and really know who we are, so we can live authentically, we must find time to quiet our minds. It's in the silence that our soul speaks to us. How can we possibly make this time and what do we actually do?? 

Here are some quick tips: 

Schedule 15-30 minutes for quiet time. Am I off my rocker? No, you just have to get creative and make this a priority. The time I take is either before the kids get up or during my toddler's nap when the other two are at school. After the kids are in bed, and while your spouse is doing his share of the housework ( Issue #2), is another option. 

Start with deep breathing or meditation to relax yourself. Next, I suggest you drink your morning tea or coffee in solitude, take a walk alone, let your mind go and do nothing, take your time in a bookstore and read spiritual literature, do some yoga or create your own version of quiet time.

Write your thoughts and feelings that come up in a journal. This journal can develop into an important tool for self-awareness and development. 

Recognize how you feel. Mid-day quiet times refresh and re-energize me to face the challenges in the rest of the day- with a smile. 

Protect this time like you would any other top priority. Schedule it and don't let other distractions, such as the phone, interfere. 

If you are consistent, you will realize that making space for serenity is not a waste of time, but may be the best use of time you'll ever make. You will likely start to feel more peaceful and more in tune with your true self. You will begin to understand why quiet time is an essential part of self-care- to help you find inner peace, recognize your deepest values, and live your best life. 

Bria Simpson, MA 
Life Coach and Parenting Specialist 

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quiet time

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