purpose and vision


Getting Distracted By Life
by Dionna Sanchez

Depression. Ambition. Loneliness. Bitterness. Busyness.

All of these things have something in common. And that is that the focus of each one of these is on ourselves. We are centered and thinking about our own situation, feelings, environment, and mood. Life can do that to us.

I’ve found out a little secret. Something that keeps me from being too prideful, helps me get over being depressed or lonely and something that keeps my priorities right. That “something” is vision.

You see, when I have a God-given vision or purpose, then it gives my life and each one of my daily moments a true purpose. It gets me excited about something, it keeps me moving, it focuses me on something greater than myself. It works – every time.

I think we let life distract us from what we are truly here for. We let our drive for paying off those bills, or going to that next big attraction or adventure, or making sure we’re taking all the right pills and medications – keep us from giving and living within our true meaning and purpose. We let all that “stuff” be the ruling force in our lives instead of letting God be the ruling force in our lives.

When I am doing something for the Lord, whether it’s teaching Ladies Bible Study, focusing on an upcoming missions trip, working on my ministry, doing community service – whatever it is that He has laid on my heart – I get excited about living! I get motivated to eat right, exercise, my attitude is improved, my health seems to fair illnesses better, I forget about the lack of close friendships or the dreams unreached in my life – and I just LIVE for Him. All those things dissipate and it feels like I’m living out my true calling for that moment or period in time.

You see, we all need a “Holy-vison” or a “Holy-calling.” We need something higher than ourselves that God has asked us to do. For each one of us, that calling or vision may be different. But I’m betting that each one asks us to step outside of our comfort zone a little bit and reach out into some area of life that needs reaching.

Start praying today and ask God for Him to show you what God-given task you can devote yourself to. Look for those opportunities that He has placed before you to give your heart and soul to. Watch how quickly you will forget about the worries of the world and all the other things that used to crowd your heart and mind.

There is something BIGGER than ourselves and we can be apart of it.

~ Dionna Sanchez is the Founder of Emphasis On Moms at http://www.EmphasisOnMoms.com. She also maintains her own blog to encourage women at http://emphasisonmoms.blogspot.com

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purpose and vision


purpose and vision