Psalm 119 105


Turn on the Lightswitch
by Erika of This Christian Wahm
This Christian Wahm

As many times as I've gotten up during the night, whether it be to stumble into one of my daughter's rooms to see what they were crying about, or to get a drink of water...I didn't need to turn on the lights.

Like most of us, we know our homes pretty well and can find our way around in the dark without having to disrupt the whole family by flicking on a bright light to get to where we need to go, most of the time.

However, we recently moved into a new home. And I hadn't gotten a chance to know the layout of the house that well; when my youngest daughter was crying for her midnight snack. 

I didn't want to wake my husband or my oldest daughter, so I felt my way down the hallway, through the living room and finally made it to the kitchen to warm up a bottle. 

On my journey back from the kitchen and to the baby's room, I had to walk again in stealth mode, but without the power of night vision! I felt like I was blind...bottle in one hand feeling my way through the living room with the other. 

I kept my toes curled inward as I tread softly across the floor. I could sense there was furniture in front of me, but I couldn't see it. I certainly didn't want to stub my toe and give out a yelp...that would wake up the household for sure.

Well, I made it to her room. No bumps, no bruises. She got her beloved snack, then I was back to bed. 

After we had lived in the house for a while, it didn't take long to find my way through the house without the lights on...I got comfortable with the path from our room to the kitchen. 

But, since it is dark...I could always step on one of those hurtful Barbie shoes or building blocks that I didn't pick up before I went to bed. There's always a chance I could get hurt by walking blindly in the night. 

This brings to thought a scripture: 

'Your word is a lamp to my feet. And a light to my path.'

Psalm 119:105

How many times have I started out my day without turning on the Light? First thing in the morning what's on my mind? 

I know that I have to get my daughter up for school, pack a lunch, do her hair, make sure her book bag is packed with the necessary items for that day...then it's get my youngest dressed and ready for the day...start the coffee...send my husband off to work with a kiss.

But, what about before all of that? 

I can tell the difference in my day when I don't start it off by preparing my own book bag for the school of life! Did I pray this morning? Did I meditate on God's word this morning? 

If you don't spend time with God in the morning, it's like walking through broad daylight in the dark. 

Sure, your path for the day is familiar....but there's always that chance that you could trip over an obstacle or stumble into a situation that you weren't prepared to deal with, spiritually. 

Don't take the chance of getting tripped up day or night...just be sure to turn on the light switch in your heart and mind through prayer and reading God's word. 

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Psalm 119 105


Psalm 119 105