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How Four Words Can Enhance Your Life Of Prayer
by Lee Wise
Hope For Daily Living
Lee Wise All rights reserved

"I would like to pray more. But ... how to find the time?"

Does that sentiment ring true with you? 

If you answered "Yes", then keep reading. 

I have one of those simple, easy-to-implement ideas that will help you...

Increase your God-consciousness throughout the day

Assist you in praying for more people, more often

Discover "additional" time in your day to pray


The simple idea I will explain to you momentarily does not qualify as...

*The next "cure all" for the discipline of prayer.

*A spooky, way-off-the-reality-map guarantee to solve the "I want to pray more but can't find the time" dilemma of my life. 

*A substitute for regular, extended periods of prayer.

Having stated my disclaimers, let me ask you: 

How many thoughts traverse across the landscape of your mind during any given day? 

One thousand? 
Ten thousand? 
Thirty thousand?

Honestly, I don't know. But I do know this: it's a bunch! 

I think about the 3:00 o'clock meeting with a friend, what I will say to the neighbor whose dog frequents my lawn much more than I appreciate, how to respond to my child's latest "Why?," and the implications of what I just heard on the evening news. 


Stop, and think about this: 

In the time it takes me to reflect about my meeting, decide what I'm going to say to the neighbor, choose how I will respond to my child and consider the meaning of the evening news -- 

*I could turn some of those thoughts into prayers.* 

Imagine the following: 

While traveling to meet a friend, I create a short mental drama of our interaction. I "see" it all. 

I hear the conversation, smell the coffee, and anticipate the warm greeting I will soon receive. 

And it takes me what...under 30 seconds? 


The mental production I just mentioned: I'm going to edit my film by adding a frame: a "prayer frame." 

While traveling to meet my best friend, I begin to create the mental preview of our meeting as normal...

But I interrupt my scene with a prayer. 

"Lord, I ask you to bless my wife. Give her strength during the day. Help her to know your presence and respond with your wisdom and grace. In Jesus' name, Amen." 


How many seconds do you think it would take you to pray that prayer? 

Try this. 

Stop right now, check the second hand on your watch, read the prayer, and count the seconds it takes you to complete this short assignment. 

Really, try it. 
Amazing, isn't it? 


I want you to nail down an easy-to-remember phrase. 

Think about it.
Memorize it. 

It will help you to... 

Pray spontaneously
Develop more of a God-consciousness
Find extra time in your day to pray

The phrase is:

"When You Think, Pray."

That's it. 
Four words that can enhance your prayer life. 

I will repeat those words one more time. 

And when I do, please consider what they could mean to you in terms of...

*When you pray
*What you pray about
*And who you pray for


"When You Think, Pray."


Pay attention to your thoughts and seize them for God. 

Ask for guidance, give thanks, praise the Lord, and pray for your country.

Pray for friends, relatives, neighbors and work associates.

The thoughts, ideas, and emotions you entertain will generate endless prayer possibilities for you. 

Take captive those possibilities for the good of man and the glory of God.


Don't struggle to capture *every* thought and turn it into a prayer. 

This could lead to mental disaster! 

Start simple.
Strive to make it a habit. 


"When You Think, Pray." 

Yours for many hope-filled days in Jesus,

(John 15:16) 

Lee Wise All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this article. The copyright and this resource box must be included.

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prayer time


prayer time