prayer for our schools and for our teachers


Lord, today we remember our schools and teachers.

At a time when school seems to include so much more than it used to, we find we need you most. With so many issues before us, we turn to you Lord, and seek your wisdom.

Lord, in some of our schools today, we are frustrated that we cannot honor you openly, in prayer, as we would like. And as you deserve. But we are thankful that there are those who continue to bring the message of your Son Jesus Christ. And they do it through their example. And they do it every day. They are our teachers.

Christ came to live with us as a teacher. He encouraged use with his wisdom, his truth, and his endurance. He taught so that others may teach the world. And so, as it has been shown to us, may those who will influence and shape the minds of our youth, may they be ever mindful of the greatest Teacher of all.

Lord, we pray that you will grant our educators wisdom as they deal with an ever-changing society. Help them to remember that every effort is an opportunity to change a life, to inspire, to energize, to bring out that special gift you have blessed to each and every one of us.

Lord, we pray for the strength and endurance of our teachers. The road is a long one, never ending, and at times frustrating.

We pray for their patience. We pray that when results are not apparent, may they be reminded that it is your time table that counts, Lord. And may they not be discouraged.

And Lord, we pray a special prayer that our teachers may know the reward of gratitude and that they may enjoy a sense of achievement in the process.

Lord, we pray for our schools and for our teachers.

Bill Swint - 2005

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prayer for school and teachers


pray for our schools and for our teachers