prayer for schools and teachers


Prayer for Schools
by Bill Swint

Lord this morning we pray for our schools. That all who are responsible will recognize the need for a safe, nurturing, learning, atmosphere in all our schools. That the result would be to eliminate ignorance and in its place grow a culture of excellence for all who enter. So Lord continue to raise our expectations for our schools. That the gifts of prosperity enjoyed by this great nation will truly be available to all. 

Lord we pray that in our schools we continue to know the power of your presence in our lives. May we be reminded that the only way our schools can be Godless is if we are Godless. We are not limited in our Christian behavior….and so help all in our school communities to model the Christ-like behavior we have been taught. In this way Lord the glory of your kingdom on earth will be fully realized.

We pray for our teachers. Continue to bless them in their efforts to grow all our children…all your children in mind, body, and spirit. What a responsibility….and yet many times we take their efforts for granted. From our youngest learners to our graduates, our teachers will have a lifelong impact on their lives. Lord we pray that the blessings of their teaching gifts will continue to inspire all the lives they touch. 

And Lord for those in our schools who find themselves in challenging situations…where disappointment, and discord and doubt, exist: bless and encourage them. Enter their lives, and strengthen their resolve that they may be built up in spirit…that they may know the reward, the joy, the blessing of changing just one life…or thousands. To the world a teacher is just one person…but to one person a teacher may be their whole world.

Lord bless our teachers...

Prayer read for 2010 National Day of Prayer in San Antonio, Texas

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prayer for schools and teachers


prayer for schools and teachers