prayer for husband


Lean On Me 
by Dionna Sanchez 

One of the toughest things that can emotionally affect the closeness in a marriage relationship is when you find your spouse to be depressed or discouraged. When we love someone we tend to feel what they are feeling whether it's happiness or sadness. We share that emotion because of our connectedness. But when your spouse drifts into a state of depression it can be isolating - for both of you. 

There are many reasons why we get discouraged and down. A lot of them occur from situations that occur to us in our lives; a job loss, death of a loved one, financial duress, etc. It is very hard to stand by and not be able to help or encourage your husband when he gets lost in these situations. But don't give up! 

Even if you feel like you are not helping or can't help, you CAN. The greatest gift you can give your spouse is your belief in him and your dedication to pray for him. You can continue to encourage and support your husband. He DOES notice even if he's not able to convey that to you in his current state of mind. 

Sometimes in life, there are no easy answers or solutions. But a commitment to the person you married means being there for them and just loving them through their emotional boundaries. 

No marriage is full of sunshine all of the time. But as you dedicate yourself to learn and grow because of how your spouse acts, then maybe he can learn and grow also. And then what beautiful sunlight can shine onto your union! 

Don't give up. Get some emotional support and friendship for yourself as you strive to be that rock your husband may need to lean on. And I pray this depressing season of his life will soon pass as you again embrace one another and face life once again, as a team. 

Dionna Sanchez chose her teammate in her husband Eliseo. They raise their 3 children in Idaho. Visit Dionna's Emphasis On Moms ministry at

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prayer for husband


prayer for husband