prayer for husband


Wives on Their Knees
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

I want to be the best wife I can be. Of course I make mistakes and get busy just like everyone else. There are times where I feel so helpless because I want to help alleviate stresses, pressures and demands that my husband endures as well. It is during these times that I am so blessed to have a prayer support system.

My friend started a prayer group. There are about five of us who meet every other week. Our goal? To pray for our husbands. We read a chapter at home from Stormie O’Martian’s “Power of a Praying Wife.” When we get together, our focus is centered on the chapter we read. Sometimes it might be praying for our husband’s work environment, wisdom for the decisions he needs to make in his life, prayer for the temptations he faces, or his safety.

I can’t tell you what a blessing this group and time on our knees before God, has been in my life. You see, my husband benefits from my prayers. But I benefit too. I benefit from hearing other wives shoulder my concerns and lift them up on my behalf. I benefit from giving those same concerns to the Lord instead of trying to handle them on my own. And in the process of being there out of love for my husband, I in turn, have been growing and digging into my own heart the desire to be more of a helpmate and blessing to him.

I strongly encourage you to start your own wives prayer group. Try to fast the morning you meet and dedicate and hour to praying on your knees.

The tears and praises you share with these other women will stretch your heart and inspire you not only individually, but within your marriage relationship as you get Godly advice and counsel to grow on.

Prayer is such a precious gift to give. Show your spouse how deeply you value him and give him this tender gift of love.

~ Dionna Sanchez prays on her knees with other wives in Idaho. She takes what she learns and shares it with other moms at Emphasis On Moms –

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prayer for husband


prayer for husband