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        Family Traditions!

A Survey of Favorite Family Traditions!
By Carl Caton
Recently, while preparing to develop this webpage, I wanted to enlist the help of some experts on family issues to assist in creating ideas for family traditions. Actually, I enlisted twenty-four experts... my daughter's fourth grade class. I asked them to define the term "family tradition". Although I had already developed my own 'thoughtful response', I'm ashamed to say their definition was actually better!  <more...>

More Thoughts on Family Traditions
by Carl Caton
Here's ten more traditions that work great in our family.

1. Anything outdoors is fun for boys and girls. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking. Building a campfire is always a major event. (You may need forget to take a fire-log… I can’t start a fire with five gallons of gas.) And here’s a great tip: check out non-profit camps and lodges, typically run by church organizations. You’ll find them comfy enough, reasonably priced, and already geared up for creating special moments.  <more...>


Christian Parenting Today



Christ in the Rockies
a father/son adventure

There are three critical questions that every man faces:

* What is a man?
* What does a man do?
* How does one become a man?

Christ in the Rockies will impart answers to these questions for you and your son by helping you:

* Gain understanding of manhood from God's perspective
* Recognize the common challenges every man faces
* Leave with tools and a plan to live out "authentic manhood" from God's perspective

Few of us have concise, compelling answers to these questions. This is because manhood today is in a state of confusion. The cultural voice, harmful past experiences, overloaded schedules, and domestic pressures have clouded the masculine vision.
Christ in the Rockies exists to communicate a proven and powerful masculine vision. Fathers and sons together will gain understanding of manhood from God’s perspective, the common challenges every man faces, and tools to create a plan to live out “Authentic Manhood” as exemplified by Jesus Christ.

While engaged in this manhood adventure, you as father and son will experience four stimulating and challenging outdoor adventures within a spectacular world-class outdoor setting.

During this adventure you will learn:

* How to live strategically as a father
* Tools for understanding your dad
* Three things every son needs
* Four key roles every man plays
* What every son must hear
* The primary tool for living out “Authentic Manhood”

Honor, courage, and nobility are the distinguishing marks of God’s masculine vision. Let’s live up! Let’s settle for nothing less!

Click to learn more about this great adventure!

Michael Haddorff
Director, Christ In The Rockies 

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Commitment Rings
by Dionna Sanchez
Have you heard of commitment rings? They are rings that teens wear to symbolize their pledge to remain pure and abstain from sex until marriage. There are also necklaces available that some teens choose to wear. Isn't this a marvelous, positive movement? <more...>

Overscheduled Kids
by Rae Pica
Like the childhood obesity problem, the subject of “superkids” gets plenty of press these days. Time devoted the better part of an issue to it. Newsweek featured an article titled “Busy Around the Clock.” Articles with titles like “Whatever Happened to Play?” “Pushing Children Too Hard,” and “Are You Over-Scheduling Your kids?” show up in print media and on the Internet. Books with titles like Hyper-Parenting: Are Your Hurting Your Child by Trying Too Hard? are appearing on bookshelves.  <more...>

How to Write a Family Mission Statement
by Christine Louise Hohlbaum
Setting goals can give our lives meaning. In fact, without a plan our lives seem to have no direction, and we often get frustrated. Imagine taking a trip without a road map. You would most likely get lost. Knowing where you are going and how to get there almost guarantees your success. <more...>

The Ten Things That Successful Parents Do
by Tom Olson
1. They are leaders as well as parents. They don't rely on the schools, the government, television, the movies or music to teach their children values and the difference between right and wrong. They do it themselves.  <more...>

Parents, Listen Closely
by Mary Jesse
Parents, Listen Closely.  Ask most parents about the value of listening and you’ll likely get the same answer. Listening is good, of course. Yet, this powerful tool is routinely underutilized. How often do you sit down and really listen to your children?  <more...>

Teens: Choose Your Friends Wisely
by Inez Haythorn
The news broadcast told of two teenage boys who called in a fake bomb threat at their local high school. They were caught and arrested. Along with the public disgrace of this incident and court case being televised, they  <more...>

A Different Way to Talk About Sex?
by Dr. Paul Dean 
Some are urging American parents to adopt a different way to talk about sex with teens, according to the New York Times. "Rachel Phelps (who works at Planned Parenthood in the United States) concludes that while American parents, advertisers and public-service announcements aim to scare teens, those in Europe are matter of fact and humorous." 

Can I Handle It?
by Dionna Sanchez
I don’t know if I can handle this parenting thing. I think I might faint, or at least throw up. My nerves just rattle and shake and fears are at my door all of the time. <more...>

Growing Kids of Character
by Ellie Dixon
We hear a lot today about falling moral standards, lack of respect for others and the culture of “self first.” But our society doesn’t have to be like this, and there is a growing movement to reverse these trends through Character Education. This is not a "quick fix." It provides long-term solutions that address moral, ethical, and academic issues that are of growing concern to us all.

Blast to the Past
by Dionna Sanchez
When we leave our children a heritage, a lot of that comes from our own childhood. Our memories, our experiences, our view of life. If we share that with our children it will not only help them understand who we are a little bit better, but it will give them roots to stand on. <more...>

Empty Nest Syndrome
by Ruth Rusk
Sylvia walks into Beth's room and sits down on the bed. There, piled up on the pillows are all the stuffed animals that she had given her over the years. Fluffy bunny was given to her daughter on her first Easter. He looks at her now with a sad look in his eyes, or so it seems to her. <more...>

Proverbs for Parenting
by Patricia R. Chadwick
Life is busy. We live in an extremely fast-paced society that constantly screams at us to hurry along to go on to the next thing that needs to be done. We don't take a lot of time to reflect on our own lives, let alone have time to think about the situation of others.<more...>

Gentle Moments
by Dionna Sanchez
I watched a videotape the other day. It was of my daughter’s first year of life. I got tears in my eyes, as I relived treasured moments. It reminded me of how quickly we race through life. We forget to set aside time to relish things on a regular basis.  <more...>

Godly Kids Introduction
by Steve Lyon
When we had our first child my wife and I brought her home from the hospital and set her on the couch. She was still in her car seat and my wife was busy putting a couple of things away. After I set her down I just looked at her, she just sat there and looked back. I thought to myself,

The Hidden Pressure We Put On Our Kids
by Dionna Sanchez
Perfection. Without meaning to, sometimes I think I can expect perfection out of my kids – especially as a Christian parent.  <more...>

The Power of Notes
by Dionna Sanchez
I am a strong believer in the power of encouragement. I have experienced what it can do first-hand.

When I was growing up my mom used to leave me notes quite often. They would offer love on a tough day, or just reaffirm my potential and validation as a special person. And I caught on to the power of notes.  <more...>

Out Honor Your Teen
by Carwin Dove
Do you think it is your kid's job to "out honor" you? Do you think you do enough already with everything you've done and plan to do in the future? The answer is probably "yes" to both <more...>

Teaching Character
by Kay Green
What is character? How do we give it to our kids? How do we walk in it? Is it really so important? What does godly character look like? Do you find yourself asking these questions? I do! 

I want to raise my children in a godly manner. How do I judge that? Scripture is the most accurate. It gives us the picture of what godly men and women of character do. <more...>

Be a Beacon
by Patricia R. Chadwick
I have been reading a great book – Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids, by Sharon Jaynes, founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries. If you are a mom, you HAVE to read this book! Anyway, one of the many pearls of wisdom I gleaned from this book was that as a parent we need to <more...>

The Most Precious Gift to Give our Children
by Lee-Anne Robert
As a proud mother of a two-year old daughter and an eleven month old son, I already see them growing too quickly before my eyes. It makes me wonder if I am being the best parent that I can be and if I will have regrets after they have grown up of what I did and didn’t do as a parent. And I ask myself, “What is simply the best gift to give my children?” <more...>

by Amy Doran
New Year's Day 2004 marked a new beginning for both myself and my family. We added a brand new little member, Maggie.  Margaret Kay Doran was a huge surprise for everyone. Her older sister is nine and her older brother is twelve. Big age difference!  <more...>

Raising Courageous Kids - An Author Interview
by Lisa M. Hendey
In the newly released book Raising Courageous Kids: Eight Steps to Practical Heroism (Sorin Books, July 2004, paperback, 224 pages), author Charles Smith offers parents a treasure chest of resources for recognizing and nurturing the qualities of courage and heroism within their children. Looking at developmental stages between birth  <more...>

How to Raise Creative Kids
by Susan Stump
“Where did he come up with that?” Kids often amaze us with their imaginative ideas and we should give ourselves a pat on the back for playing a role in this development. Creative thinking is essential for success in school and in life. It’s our job as parents to nurture our kids’ innate desire to be creative. <more...>

The Value of Play
by Rae Pica
Isn’t it ironic that a country whose constitution allows for the pursuit of happiness now feels a collective guilt about the very idea of anything fun? How did this happen? When did we begin placing so much priority on productivity and so little on leisure or on having a good time? Even given the Puritan work ethic, life in America has become so unbalanced that one side of the seesaw is pretty much grounded.  <more...>

Kids and Sports: Fundamentals First
by Rae Pica
Would you hand a child calculus problems once she was able to count to ten? A geometry text when he began to recognize shapes? War and Peace as soon as she could recite her ABCs? Of course not! Not only is it preposterous to have such expectations of a child, but also it sets up the child for failure — and, most likely, a dread of and distaste for calculus, geometry, and reading.  <more...>

Lessons From Star: 
Dealing With The Loss of a Family Pet
by Valerie Zilinsky
Last Christmas, my husband convinced me that it was time to get our children a pet, and to let them learn all the valuable lessons that come along with that experience. It wasn't long before we were welcoming Lucky Star, a 3-month old puppy, into our family and into our hearts.  <more...>

When Kids Cooperate
by Rae Pica
Given a choice, preschoolers prefer cooperative activities to competitive ones. Indeed, Scott Scheer, an associate professor at Ohio State University, contends humans actually have a “cooperative imperative” – a desire to work with others toward mutual goals that can run the spectrum from conceiving a child to sending a rocket to  <more...>

The Greatest Hour of My Life
By Carl Caton
The day began as just another Sunday. It was a warm spring afternoon. One of those gems when you are not planning to do anything. <more...>

Explaining War and Suffering to Children
by Johann Christoph Arnold
These days, the news is once again full of war and rumors of war. At times like this, even very young children may grow fearful. And since September 11, fears that war may again visit our own shores are no longer unfounded. <more...>

Adoption: Laughter and Tears
by Tanya Sturman
If you ever walk through an orphanage, it will be an experience you’ll never forget. Witnessing children in poverty, children discarded, children stunted both physically and emotionally, will stir your heart beyond belief. And adopting a child is a joy as great as witnessing the first sharp intake of breath by your very own newborn infant. <more...>

United Way 2-1-1
by Jacqueline Washington
Sometimes people may run into financial difficulties or other unfortunate situations and may not know where to turn. Here is a resource that may be useful. <more...>