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Chain Reaction
By Dionna Sanchez 

Ok - so you've had a bad day. It's very hard to shake off sometimes isn't it? You let it build up, one thing goes wrong and then it tends to have a domino effect on everything else you encounter throughout your day. 

Have you ever noticed how your children seem to pick your tough days to misbehave? That's because they pick up on your mood. It affects them. If you're grumpy and stressed they sense it. Then they become irritable and act out. They don't do it intentionally, but it does happen. Our moods are contagious. How we feel and react; that permeates our home and is absorbed inside of our children's hearts. 

Mom, take a look at the mood in your home. Cut your child some slack if their behavior is just a chain reaction that came from you. After all, they are only emulating what they have seen! First, apologize to them for taking out your negative feelings on them. Then, explain why it wasn't okay for you to act that way and why you would like them to also not act that way. You have the power to alter and shape the moods in your home. You will be amazed at how your children will react to your honesty and your willingness to admit that you are not perfect and you also make mistakes. It will give them the freedom to do the same. 

Use your influence - for your children's well-being! 

~ By Dionna Sanchez/Founder 

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parent stress


parent stress