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9 Tips to Control Your Paper at Home
By Barbara Myers

1. To reduce paper piles at home, walk straight from the
mail box to the trash can or recycling bin. Dispose of
the junk mail. Opening it wastes time. Just pitch it in.

2. Set up a file or basket for each member of your
household. Sort mail, school papers to sign, reading
materials and even notes to each other.

3. Allow newspapers to remain in the house only for a
specific number of days. At the end of that period (one
to six days), dispose of them, read or not.

4. Tear interesting articles out of magazines to read
later. Put them in a "to read" file or basket. Dispose
of the bulky magazine.

5. Make a home for any piece of paper that doesn't have
one. Avoiding piles means making a decision, NOW, on
each piece of paper.

6. Set up the simplest filing system possible. Use broad
categories and you'll be more likely to file. Buy a
portable file box so you can file while watching TV.

7. Post appropriate information where you need it. Hang a
stain removal guide in your laundry room. Tape instruction
manuals to appliances and electronics.

8. Place mail order catalogs in a reading basket near a
cozy chair. Keep only the ones you truly enjoy. Have
sticky notes and pen ready for ordering notes.

9. Make a "hold" file for sporting schedules, tickets to
future events and department/specialty store coupons
you might use. Use this file for anything you will need
at a future date. Weed it out monthly.

Barbara Myers is a professional organizer and author.
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