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7 Organizing Tips for Parents
By Barbara Myers

1. List responsibilities for school-age children and teens.
You might include: place clothes in hamper, brush teeth,
do homework, and take out trash. POST the list. We all
take written cues more seriously than verbal ones. Make
it clear that all items must be completed before privileges
are allowed such as T.V. viewing and talking with friends.

2. Help your older children and teens schedule their week
days. For example, if they are home at 3:00 p.m. and go to bed at 9:00 p.m., they have six hours to accomplish x, y and z.

3. Be sure to make time in your schedule to spend with
your kids every day. What could be more important?

4. Prepare five outfits for each child on the weekend.
Make sure clothes are clean, mended and presses, and
shoes are clean. Do this for yourself, too!

5. Designate a file folder or box for each child and each
adult in your household. Mail, school papers, and notes
to one another can easily be passed along this way.
Instruct kids to empty backpacks upon arrival and place
all paperwork into parent's folders.

6. Place shoes, coats, keys, backpacks, etc., by the exit
door or in car every evening to avoid last minute searching
for misplaced items.

7. Have everyone make a list of fun things to do. Keep it
handy and choose one or two fun family activities each

Barbara Myers is a professional organizer and author.
Free tips booklet and e-zine to help you take control
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