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Have you ever had a morning like this in the middle of your kitchen before school? Let's listen in on the conversation:

"I said no," the mom exclaimed to her five year old daughter. "But mom, I was just saying..." She tries to explain her point until she gets her own way. "When I say no, it means no. Why do you need to have the last word? Why do you always insist on getting your own way all the time. It's the middle of the winter, it's so cold outside your nose hairs freeze to the inside of your nose, and I said you are not going to school with a short sleeve shirt and spring jacket." She still wasn't done with her lecture.

"Don't you know that I tell you these things because I love you and it's for your own good? Why do you have to fight me every step of the way when I'm only trying to help you?" 

"But mmm-ooo-mmm." A look of pure defiance comes across her daughter's face. "Please let me tell you something." "What?" She asked. "The school is real warm inside and I want to wear my new spring clothes...they are my fashion." 

Silence. You could hear a pin drop. She was running late getting her daughter out the door for school and this mom's level of patience are not too great first thing in the morning. I'm sure if you stuffed that mom's head in the snowbank outside, it would melt from the steam rolling off the top of her beautiful morning hair.

She used her 'mommy's had enough, and if you don't do what I ask you're gonna be in some real, big trouble voice.'

And from between her clenched teeth she simply said, "Put your sweater and your winter coat on and go with daddy so he can drop you off at school."

Her daughter looked her in the eye and saw that she meant business. The conversation was over and I don't think anyone had ever witnessed a kid change her clothes so fast in their life! 

If you have children, I'm sure you've had a struggle similar to the one I played out above. Wouldn't it just make your day if you asked something of your child and you immediately heard, "Okay mommy." What a difference that would have made in the whole morning if that little girl would have just trusted her mother's judgment enough to agree with, and do what she was told.

Why are children so obstinate? Well, it's their nature. They will push you to the limit until they find that they can push no harder. Kids want their own way...

But, what about us? How many times has the Lord laid something on our hearts that He wanted us to do or stop doing; and we argue with Him as to why we cannot do or stop doing that thing? 

The Lord is not out to hurt us, He is out for our own good. And when He says something, we should just obey with no questions asked. But, a lot of the time we are as children. We want our own way. We're worried about our own agendas. 

Let's say God laid on our hearts to preach the gospel...to go out there and speak in front of people. 

"Lord, you know I'm scared to death to speak in public. That can't be what you want me to do! I would look silly up there, with my face all red and gasping for my next word. That's not my fashion..it's not my style." 

Well, God knows what's best. He knows the plans He has for your life. But, we sometimes act like the little girl who doesn't want to dress for the right season, because she's afraid how she will look to others. But, her mother knows that she will be too cold if she ventures outside dressed like that. 

What if we had the faith and obedient heart of Abraham? Genesis 22:1-19 

The obedience of wise old Noah;

Genesis 6:13-22

What about Shadrach, Meshach, and AbedNego?

Daniel 3

And my personal favorite...Joshua!

The walls came tumbling down in: Joshua 6

I pray that the next time God taps on your shoulder, you'll simply say, "Okay." 

What a difference your obedient attitude will make in your walk with Christ! This attitude makes our Father well pleased....just as when our own children listen and have an obedient attitude towards us, while we are guiding them each day. 

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