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Nature Year Round
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

If you want to encourage a love of the outdoors year-round for your children - here is a list of activities they can do. Even in the winter!

January - Help your child write a garden poem that they can decorate with a flower rubber stamp, cutout paper flowers or stickers. Help them select a pretty frame and put it in a special spot.

February - Select a fun herb garden that your children can watch grow.  Put it in a window where everyone can watch its progress.

March - Decorate containers and pots. You can buy rub-on stencils, use stencils or sponge paint. You can even make a few extra to give away as gifts!

April - Go through gardening catalogues and start selecting seeds that you want to plant. You can also cut out ideas for where to place pots and flowers or backyard sculpting ideas.

May - Make or purchase a bird feeder and place in your yard.

June - Plant your new additions!

July - Have an outdoor get together and enjoy all your hard work in the beautiful sun or warm clear evenings.

August - Take a picture of your garden and place it in an album. You can take a picture each year and see how your yard grows and matures into what you have planned for it.

September - Press flowers and make bookmarks and stationary.

October - Make leaf prints.

November - Make floral swags and displays along with pretty wreaths from dried flowers.

December - Paint rocks for your garden.

~ Dionna Sanchez loves to share her ideas with moms at the Emphasis On Moms website

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nature activity


nature activity