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20 Tips for an Excellent Mother's Day Gift 
by Susan Allred

Every Year for Mother’s Day, me and several of our siblings go to my parent’s home to Celebrate Mother’s Day. Every year on that weekend we go to a Balloon Stampede. A Balloon stampede is where hundreds hot air balloonists get together and spend a couple of days having contests and taking their balloons into the sky causing the most breath-taking views imaginable. Our Family has done this for more than a decade – it’s a tradition. And every year, we get the opportunity, as a family to tell our mother how much we lover her and shower her with gifts and to concentrate a full day on HER. It’s great! 

Since not everyone has the chance to spend mother’s day at a Balloon Stampede, or to visit their mother, I’ve listed other ideas of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day.

1. Send Flowers. This is a fairly traditional way of celebrating the day, especially if you are unable to visit her. They are beautiful, fragrant, and usually something she would never buy for herself. A couple of particularly beautiful bouquets are white roses, tulips, or a bouquet of mixed flowers.
2. Candy Bouquets. OK, so this is a shameless plug for my business, but it’s a GOOD IDEA! Not only will your mom get the beauty of a stunning and colorful bouquet, but she will taste the sweet joy of – chocolate! What more can a mother ask for? Candy and flowers wrapped up in one! And, if you want candy and REAL flowers, check out our “Now and Later” bouquets J
3. Make her breakfast in bed. Yes, we’ve all seen those Hallmark commercials where the children are burning the toast and spilling the juice, but it really is a wonderful sentiment! Even if you just bring her a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin (R) to eat!
4. Clean the house. Wow! The way to a woman’s heart is through the housework! I am a big fan of the show, “Everybody Loves Raymond”. And, by far, my most favorite line from the whole series is when Ray’s wife sees him doing the housework and he’s in an apron looking like Mr. Mom. And she tells him, “I’ve never been more turned on in my life than I am right now”. And that’s TRUE!! Granted, we don’t want to turn your mother on, but if you are married, this is an AWESOME tool to get in good with the Mrs. Find out which of the daily household chores are her least favorite and do them on Mother’s Day! 
5. Scavenger Hunt. Rather than giving her one big nice present, consider giving several little ones. Think of a few little things she would like to get, or has been keeping her eye on and make a scavenger hunt out of it. Give her a piece of paper with a riddle or clue on it and have her go all over the house, neighborhood, or even the city to find all of her little gifts to enjoy!
6. Give the woman a massage! All it takes is a little baby oil, and a few minutes to make her melt in your arms, or in this case, your hands. A massage can last from only a few seconds to well over an hour. And it can be an all-over body massage, or just concentrated on one area such as her hands and feet. No matter what the decision, this is an excellent way to celebrate the Mother.
7. Pamper her. Give her a gift certificate to a spa, or just give her a relaxing gift basket. Let her know that she is worth it and she needs a little “me” time to relax and rejuvenate.
8. Take the kids. If there are still children in the home, why not take them off her hands? Take them to the Park, shopping, whatever. Just get them out of the house! Tell your wife/mom that they whole day is at her disposal to do with what she wants. It’s a free gift, but it’s a doozie!
9. Expensive perfume. Yet again, this is one of those things that few women will buy for themselves. Basically because its not a necessity. This, however, is a gift that will keep on giving. Every time she wants to feel special, or needs to know she’s “worth it”, she can just dab on a few drops and be reminded of how special you think she is! I was given an expensive fragrance when I was pregnant and it got me through many rough days!
10. Add a piece to her collection. As previously mentioned, we all go to a Balloon Stampede for Mother’s Day. Well, since the tradition started, she began collecting stained glass hot air balloon sun catchers. So, we make sure that at least one of us will add to her collection by buying her a hot air balloon catcher. And she loves it. Now her picture window is filled with them! Each one unique, and each one a reminder of past memories shared.
11. Add a little humor to her life. When my husband and I married, he promised me one and only ONE thing. He promised that he would make me laugh every day we were together. And you know what? He was right. You know what else? That was one of the deciding factors of our relationship. I need humor in my life. I need it to relieve stress, add a little perspective, and to just enjoy life. Why not do the same for the “mother” in your life? Give the gift of humor. This can be done by giving her a comedy DVD or Video, a funny book, our Humorous Quotes Gift Basket, or even signing her up for one of the many joke or comedy daily e-mails. Do it! She’ll be gut rolling on the ground later, but she’ll be thanking you for it in the end.
12. Listen to her. It is a proven scientific fact that men do not listen the same as women do. It is also a fact that women talk to “vent” and men often talk to solve a problem and get opinions. Well men, it’s time for the ultimate sacrifice. Be her listening ear. Hang on her every word. Act as if you are interested in her daily experiences in the craft store and wiping dirty faces. Show your interest when she asks your opinion on what color to use on the bathroom walls. Just listen to her. Show her you love her by having a conversation.
13. Take pictures. So many women take a great deal of stock in their families –whether it be mothers or wives. How special do you think it would be for your mom if all of her grown children could get together and get a portrait done for her? And, how much would it mean to a young mom to have a family portrait of her children and, if possible, her husband with them? We’d love it! It would be wallet-worthy! We could take a picture of the most important things in our lives with us everywhere we went!
14. Jewelry. This ranks right up there with flowers. Every woman loves jewelry. You can almost never go wrong with it. Just be sure to try to peak into her jewelry box, or just notice the jewelry she wears so that you have an idea of what she likes. Does she like gems, gold, silver, and pearls? Does she like thin or thick bands on her rings? What is her birth month? All tips to consider when buying jewelry. 
15. Clothes. Yet another touchy subject. You just don’t want to mess up on this one. So, take a few weeks to just notice her tastes. Find out where she likes to shop, her favorite colors, and listen to see if she mentions anything that she needs to get now that Spring is here. 
16. Memory Jar. However, unlike our other jar of memories, which is filled with questions to answer, take the time to ANSWER a bunch of questions for her to look at occasionally. And it lets her see the wonderful impact she has had on your life, rather than worrying if she did the whole process wrong.
17. Free Reminders. Take a few minutes and figure out all of her important dates, get her e-mail address, and put them into a free reminder service. Then, she’ll never have to worry about forgetting an important event again.
18. Gift Certificates. If she likes books, give her a gift certificate to the local bookstore. If she has a favorite restaurant, then get her gift certificates there. If she likes to shop at an on-line store, then contact them and find out if they offer gift certificates. It’s hard to mess up on a gift certificate because she is the one who ultimately chooses the gift.
19. Photo Albums. We women are of the sentimental sort. We love photo albums to help remember favorite occasions and events in our lives. And we never seem to have enough albums to accommodate our many pictures. Go out and find a nice, quality photo album for her to store her memories. And, if you have a high tech “mother” in your life, consider getting a digital camera, scanner, or software to help her store her memories digitally and send them to all her sentimental friends and family. 
20. Love Letters/Thank-You Letters. I got one of these just a few months ago. I loved it and will treasure it always. When I’m 130 (yes, I want to live till I’m a fossil!) I’ll still be reading the one and only love letter my husband sent to me. Why? Because I just don’t get them very often. I’m a low maintenance woman and I don’t need much to stay happy. So when he gave me a love letter telling me how much he meant to me and how much he loved me, I cried. Hey! Even us low-maintenance women have feelings, you know! It was better to me than diamonds because it was something that I could take with me to the grave and beyond.

No Matter what the occasion, whether it be Mother’s Day, Birthdays, or “Just Because” these ideas are great when considering what to give the “Mother” in your life. Take a few minutes and just consider her likes and dislikes and go with the flow! And Good Luck!

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