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By Bill & Maureen Sitter

CREDIT CARD DEBT- Credit Card Debt - credit card abuse - and even an addiction to reckless credit card ...(more)..
OUT WITH THE BUDGET AND IN WITH A FLEXIBLE SPENDING PLAN- Every person, married couple and family would like to feel "in control" of their finances. Many have tried "budgets" ..(more)..
SAVINGS AND PLANNING- Saving for the future and financial goal setting - both concepts are often questioned ...(more)...
PERSONAL FINANCES- Many of us may have grown up with the notion that God provided clear instructions in several areas, but that money, personal finances and business matters were...(more).
TITHES - OFFERINGS & ALMS-  God knew that 21st century Christians would struggle with money issues, ...(more)...

Can You Afford To Stay Home?
Copyright 2001 Sharon Davis 
A few years ago, after the birth of our second child, my husband and I were trying to decide whether or not it would be possible for me to stay home. <more...>

The Anxiety of Poverty
by Ted Schroder, October 12, 2008
Are you poorer today than you were a year ago? With the stock markets falling, and the global recession and credit crunch impacting all of us, we would say that we are feeling poorer today than a year ago. For many people that can cause a great deal of anxiety as they fear the future. What does the good news of Jesus have to say to the bad news of the world? <more...>

The Archippus Admonition
by Nancy Twigg
Colossians 4:17 has always been a curious verse to me. Paul has just finished his letter to the church in Colosse. Among the greetings that are customary at the end of his letters, he throws in what almost appears to be an afterthought: <more...>

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people of faith