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I'm Just a Housewife. What Can I Do for God?
by Erika of This Christian Wahm
This Christian Wahm

Many moons ago; when I was nine years old, I felt the Lord had called me to the mission field. I had a heart for God and I was young and innocent. I just figured I'd grow up and go to be a missionary in Africa and become the next Livingston! 

As the years passed, I grew up, got married and had two beautiful daughters. Here I am now, wondering where the time went and asking myself why I didn't physically go into the mission field. 

There are times when I felt the Lord pulling at my heartstrings saying; "Go and do the things I asked you to do all those years ago." I'd say to myself, "I can't pick up my family and go off the Africa to be a missionary. I'm not an educated pastor or an anointed evangelist. How do you expect me to go?" It wasn't until just recently that I discovered that He doesn't want me to physically go to a place and lead an Island village to the Lord. He wants me to serve Him right where I am. 

Okay, so I figured that much out. "Even still, I'm a stay at home mom; a simple housewife. What is it that I'm to do? Surely scrubbing the toilet and wiping a baby’s bottom aren't what you had in mind Lord."

Well, yes it is. It's exactly what He had in mind. I'm here at home, serving my family. Making sure that they are taken care of and that my husband and I are providing a solid Christian home for our children. 

Our children are the future John Wesley's, future Dobson's, and Billy Graham’s. They are the future mothers and fathers of generations to come! What an awesome responsibility we have in our children. 

God has also blessed me with the desire to write. I can plainly see that this is the mission field that He has wanted me to enter. I mean really, how else can you reach so many people and not uproot your family by moving to a far-off nation at the same time? The answer was right before me all along and I didn't see it until now. 

Yes, I am a housewife, a mother, a future author...but most of all; I'm serving an awesome God. And it feels great to know that I'm in the center of His will right here in my home! 

What is God calling you to do today? What talents has He given to you? Pray for ways to use those talents to serve Him. 

One person can change many lives. That one person may be you! 

Never say to the Lord, "But I'm only this or I couldn't possibly be qualified to do that thing." If He truly calls you to it, He will make a way for you to do this thing. (Isaiah 55:11) Have faith that the Holy Spirit will guide you as you serve the Lord. 

When you really think about it; the purpose for every human being on earth is simply to serve and worship God. In other words, we’re all here for the same reason, but we don't all know or accept that truth. It's the job of those who accept that call to open the eyes of others through God's wisdom and understanding. And most of all, by making our lives a living sacrifice for the benefit of those around us. We are to be vessels that God's light can brightly shine through for all to see! When others look at you, they should be able to see the mighty hand of God at work in your life. 

Read Matthew 5; and see what the Bible has to say about what we are to do. 

Don't limit yourself when it comes to the work God wants to do through you. 

Take a look at what his disciples were doing before they followed Jesus. He chose common men to follow Him and used them to witness to a multitude of people...even to this day through the scriptures! God provided these men with what they needed to carry out His will. 

God uses anyone that is willing to serve Him. No matter what your IQ level may be, or where on the planet you may live, and even if you have a toddler in one arm and a dirty diaper in the other...He wants to use you. There is an important place for you in His plan. Mother's are not just some bon- bon eating, couch potatoes in God's eyes. Read Proverbs 31. He knows what we do each day, and He honors what we do! We have such an important job! Never say, "I'm just a housewife" again and get busy for God! 


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