mentor christian


mentor christian

Are You a Mentor Mom?
by Colleen Langenfeld

Are you a Mentor Mom?

Do you have a Mentor Mom?

Mentor Moms...
- listen to you when you need to rant and rave.
- gently guide you back on track when you keep
missing the point.
- emotionally and mentally support you through
thick and thin.
- pray for you and your family countless times.
- encourage you to grow (and sometimes grow up!).
- have been there, done that, when it comes to
marriage, mothering and work.

Do you have someone like that in your life?

If not, find someone. Better yet, BE a Mentor Mom! Find a woman who's struggling with the routine of life. Provide a kind and steadying influence as someone who's a little farther along the road.

Take her to lunch. Meet her at the park so the kids can play. Let her hear from your wisdom and experience.

You cannot imagine the good you will be doing and the richness you will bring to another's life.

And the personal satisfaction isn't bad, either.


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mentor christian

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mentor christian