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A Father's Value
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
It happened when I least expected it. During an afternoon in which I had been lamenting my role as a “janitor” with my family, my seven-year-old daughter put things back into perspective for me.  “You’re the best daddy in the world,” she whispered to me as she gave me a big hug.  <more...>

Flat Tires and Character Lessons
by Carl Caton
Saturday afternoon, my son and I were pulling a travel trailer to our hunting camp north of Lampasas, Texas. It's that time of year when deer hunters are hauling every form of makeshift equipment to the most remote parts of our state. <more...>

What Every Woman Wants ... 
by Murphy Toerner, MA, LPC, NCC, LMFT
Do you remember your first date? My first date took place while I was in 7th grade. He guy rode his bike to the school dance and my father dropped me off. I wore an emerald green dress that was satin. I was scared. I was nervous. However, all through the evening, we danced and laughed and danced some more. We had a great time. <more...>

No More Jellyfish, Chickens, or Wimps: 
Raising Secure, Assertive Kids in a Tough World 
by Paul Coughlin
Steve wasn't prepared for adult life. This fact has been driven into him in part through his own troubled conscience; it's been driven in even more by his wife of eighteen years, fed up with being the only proactive adult in the home. <more...>

A Call to Men to Live a Strenuous Life!
by Mark Cole
Any man would be justly proud to claim even a portion of what Teddy Roosevelt accomplished in just one of his fields, whether politics, hunting, writing, military, or family. He was an extraordinarily accomplished man with an enormous appetite for life. But he is more than that. For us today, he remains a hero, a patriot, an authentic, masculine role model of success, self-improvement, perseverance and courage. <more...>

Midlife Manual for Men: 
Finding Significance in the Second Half 
by Stephen Arterburn and John Shore
One of the most wonderful things about being in midlife today is the sheer time it leaves us to reflect upon, adjust, or change our lives. In the year 1800, life expectancy for an American man was thirty-five years. <more...>

The Big, Mean Dad 
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC 
It was a time each night that I cherish. It was bedtime. I snuggled in behind my six-year-old son, to spend some time chatting before he went to sleep. As I pulled him closer to me, I could smell his sweet breath and his freshly washed hair. During these moments, I felt closer to my son than at any other time. It was a time to share thoughts and the experiences of the day. Bedtime was when Michael talked more openly, and this night was no exception. <more...>

Leaving a Legacy of Faith
by Carl Caton
My son is turning thirteen next week. Unlike most birthdays, this one will be special. I'm inviting five men to join him at a special birthday dinner at a restaurant. During our meal, each man will have a few moments to share some things they admire about Chad. And when we're done, we will do something that will change this young man's life forever. We'll say, "Chad, you're a man now". <more...>

Leading Others 
By Lee Wise
I have spent a good part of my life striving to encourage people. It seems as though I've always wanted to help people "win." When I was in high school, I coached a swim team during the summer months. I loved coaching... <more...>

Confident Parenting 
by Jim Burns
Extending grace and being consistent about discipline are two of the most difficult aspects of parenting. They need to be addressed, because few people are confident about handing out discipline. I regularly have parents tell me, "I want my kids to like me so much that it's hard to discipline them, let alone be consistent about it." Also, though you may not see it yet, there is a correlation between grace and discipline. A deficiency in one will affect the other. <more...>

Dads, Kids, and Mistakes
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
We're sitting at the breakfast table, and we're in a hurry. The kids were slow to get dressed for school this morning, and we needed to get out the door soon. "Clank!" My five-year-old son spills his glass of milk all over the table and the floor. He and my daughter become statues as they gaze at the mess. I feel my mind begin to race and an urge to raise my voice. <more...>

Top Ten Ways to Teach Values to Your Kids
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC, 
In a consumer-driven society that broadcasts values you don’t approve of, how can you teach values to your kids? Here are ten ideas to help you <more...>

Wrestling with Your Kids
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
“Bring it on,” I yelled to my kids. “I’ll pin you both at the same time!”   “You think so?” my daughter yelled back. “You’re gonna get what you deserve!” My son came at me from the front, while my daughter snuck around behind me. I spun to the ground, and was assaulted on both sides. It was only a matter of time before they each had a shoulder pinned to the ground.  <more...>

What Is Your Legacy of Success? 
by Kathleen Gage 
Success! Easy to talk about, but difficult to achieve. Or is it? Success is defined differently by virtually anyone you ask because success is a very personal experience. Is your definition of success based on the values, dreams and beliefs of others? How often do people strive for accomplishments that will show they are “successful” yet they are left spiritually and emotionally lost? 

Dating Your Spouse: 
Planning an evening on the town--no kids

by Alyice Edrich
When was the last time you went out on a real “date” with your significant other? And no, a real date doesn’t mean taking the kids to the movies with you and sitting them in the front row, while you sit five rows back  <more...>

Coaching Sports For All The Right Reasons 
by Tim A Kauppinen 
It was during a March evening in 2002 that I received word that my grandfather was dying. I drove the four and a half hours to Ironwood, Michigan in a snowstorm to say goodbye. I was able to see my grandpa and he was able to recognize me and acknowledge that I was there. <more...>

A Fathers Gratitude
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
Fatherhood has a way of pulling you in and engulfing you in a sea of activities and emotions that you didn’t expect. It doesn’t often lend itself to quiet reflection about what it means to be a father. But as I look back on the fathering I’ve done so far, I’m struck by the changes that my children have helped to create in me. 

How to be a More Persuasive Speaker: 
Ten Tips from the Real World

by Larry Tracy
Busy executives do not have the time to learn the intricate delivery skills and *glitz* of the professional public speaker.  <more...>

Happiness and Work: Your Life Depends On It
by Craig Nathanson
Early one morning, Robert awoke, made his wife of 41 years some banana bread, took out the garbage and called to cancel a doctors appointment scheduled for the next day. He wrote a note to remind his wife to pick up the dry cleaning. All things considered, it seemed like a normal day. <more...>

On Being Content
Simple Lessons From A Not-So-Simple Man
© Lee Wise 2003 All rights reserved 
"I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want... I can do everything through him who gives me strength."  <more...>

Create Your Own Positive Memories Legacy
By Lee Wise
All of us have the potential of leaving a set of positive memories in the minds and hearts of people. I would love to know that the memories people have of me will be a blessing to them instead of a burden. <more...>

I Wish You Enough
By Archie Wortham
reprinted with permission (c) 2003
Recently I overheard a father and daughter in their last moments together. They had announced her departure and standing near the security gate, they hugged and he said, " I love you. I wish you enough."  <more...>

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