meaningful birthday gift


Meaningful Birthday Gifts
by Carl Caton

I'm turning 50 this week. Bummer.

My lovely wife is understandably concerned about what to buy me for my birthday. She knows that I don't need anything. (That in itself should be a praise!) We try not to waste money, so that puts her in a difficult spot. So in my quest to help her out, I've been racking my brain, trying to figure out what to suggest to her.

Things like personalized gift baskets and scrapbooks are always a favorite but, is there something even more meaningful for such an occasion? A couple of things popped in my mind that would have significant meaning... later.

I asked myself, what could I ask for on this big birthday that someone would love to have later? For instance, what would my son love to have of mine as a keepsake after I'm gone to glory? Maybe this is a "Texas thing" but men always like pocket knives. Would my son enjoy having the pocket knife I received for my 50th birthday and then carried for decades? That's a maybe. How about a bible? I'll probably need a large print bible (ha!) in the coming years. What if I ask for a bible on my 50th, a bible that I would read for many years? That's another maybe.

But is there something more meaningful still? One thing I've always wanted was to give the money to drill a water well. Living Water International is a wonderful ministry in Houston, Texas that drills and equips water wells in areas that are without such a life giving source. That would be a present that would have eternal benefit.

That's a birthday gift that would be truly meaningful!



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meaningful birthday gift


meaningful birthday gift