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Lean On Me 
by Dionna Sanchez 
One of the toughest things that can emotionally affect the closeness in a marriage relationship is when you find your spouse to be depressed or discouraged. When we love someone we tend to feel what they are feeling whether it's happiness or sadness. We share that emotion because of our connectedness. But when your spouse drifts into a state of depression it can be isolating - for both of you. <more...>


Marriage Moments
by Stephanie Romero
This past September, my husband and I celebrated 18 years of marriage. However, I consider that only about 13 years of that to be our “spiritual marriage.” The first five years we barely managed to make it. We were doing it on our own. Then a wonderful transformation occurred in our lives when we both came into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the One who healed our marriage and continues to keep us glued together. <more...>

Finding Ever After: 
A Romantic Adventure for Her, an Adventurous Romance for Him 
by Robert S. Paul with Donna K. Wallace
We never tire of the epic tale of undying love between a man and a woman, spun with timeless threads of adventure and romance. Our imagination is captured by chronicles wrought with danger and uncertainty, where two lovers dare to encounter their greatest fears for the sake of the other. Why? Theirs is a love worthy of gallant sacrifice, a story worth living. <more...>

To Date or Not To Date: That Is the Question
By: Brooke C. ~ Christian Teen Writer
Heartbreak, temptation, and distraction: sound inviting? Not many people enjoy the feelings of heartache, but every day thousands of teenagers put themselves through it. The cycle is endless: fall “in love,” become inseparable, break up. This cycle and heartache is all part of the “dating game.” Many have a misconception about dating; they believe that it is a necessary process to find that “special someone.” <more...>

Don’t Take It For Granted
by Dionna Sanchez
No marriage is perfect. At least I haven’t witnessed one. There can be times where we are more vulnerable to temptation from outside influences or even romanticizing someone who we might think is “more” perfect than our spouse. I’ve learned those kinds of thoughts need to be rejected immediately because they are dangerous. <more...>

Building “Hedges” around Your Marriage
by Lisa M. Hendey
I typically "blur over" when reading books related to relationships, but Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome  by Nancy C. Anderson grabbed me from page one. This is probably due to the fact that Anderson takes time to share her own experience and marriage prior to jumping into suggestions for how you can improve yours. <more...>

Mad About Us 
by Gary J. Oliver, Ph.D., and Carrie Oliver, M.A.
When I pick up a book I wonder, What qualifies this author to write on this subject? Does he or she have some understanding as to the plight of my life? Will this book be relevant to me? You might be asking similar questions about Mad About Us, yet another book on marriage. Who are these people, where did they come from, and what do they have to offer me? <more...>

The Loving Gift of Being Fully Present 
by Leonard Felder, Ph.D.
What would it be like if you and your partner became excellent listeners on a daily basis? For example, think back through the months or years you have known your partner and recall the times when the two of you talked like best friends who truly cared about each other. What did it feel like to have a soul mate who was 100 percent there for you? Wouldn't it be great to have that sense of deep connection again in your conversations? <more...>

What Happened To The Fairy Tale?
by Anthony Mullins
Common sense leads us to believe that we should learn from our mistakes and the percentages should decrease with each new marriage. Do you think individuals get worse at being married? Do people give too easily or don’t they get it? I believe these statistics point to our communication inadequacies and our lack of understanding of <more...>

Marriage Survival: The Holidays and Beyond
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
So you want to have a successful marriage?  Sure, we all do. But statistics tell us that the chances are pretty good that you'll fail. And the truth is that many married folks aren't willing to do the things necessary to have a successful relationship. <more...>

Keeping A Marriage Romantic
by Alan Detwiler
My belief is that most relationship problems should be given less attention ... how much do you want to stir up the bottom muck? A couple will be happier if they pay much more attention to what is good about their relationship. <more...>

Marriage: Blessing or Bondage?
By Mrs. Crystal Paine
In this post modern pop culture of selfishness, greed, and “if-it-feels-good, do-it” mentality, it is no wonder marriage is becoming less fashionable, and people are marrying at a much later age. What saddens my heart most is to see this mentality unknowingly creeping into conservative Christian circles.  <more...>

Trust Starts with You
by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
“I have a hard time trusting people.”  “I never feel like I can trust my husband (or wife).”  It is very common for me, in my work as a counselor, to hear the above statements. Trust issues abound in relationships. However, resolving trust issues is not about getting another person to be trustworthy. It’s about you become a trustworthy person with yourself and learning to trust yourself.  <more...>

Are You a Continual Drip?
by Erika of This Christian Wahm
Helen is on the phone to her best friend, “I wonder why Henry is out in the shed all the time. He should be in here fixing the sink and taking care of that squeaky door I keep telling him about, day after day." Her friend replies, "Maybe you should just kick open the back door and start yelling until he gets the point." <more...>

Criticism In The Marriage
by Dionna Sanchez 
It's a critical world we live in. And that criticism can slide into our homes so easily.  Marriage is meant to be teamwork. Sometimes one part of that team is weaker than the other side. We all do more than our fair share to contribute at times. But when we start to <more...>

Different by Design
By Mrs. Crystal Paine 
Silence. Dead silence. Not even a click. I pumped the accelerator, checked to make sure the car was in park, and turned the key again. Nothing. <more...>

Children and Remarriage
When Nancy Ellwanger told her five-year-old son Jeremy that she was going to marry David Scott, the youngster initially seemed pleased. After all, Jeremy had grown quite fond of David, who always found the time to play a game or talk about sports with the rambunctious kindergartner. <more...>

Common Format Of A Wedding Reception
by Matt Campbell

Why A Father is Not A Dad
by Brian Maloney
It can be said that any man who procreates is a father, whether present in that child’s life or not. While this is technically true, it really takes a man to be a dad! <more...>

Money Matters: Strengthen Your Marriage by Putting Finances in Order
by Cynthia Cooper, Ph.D.
Did you know that 43% of all married couples argue over money issues, making it the major reason couples fight? If you and your spouse handle money differently, now is the time to talk, establish expectations, and draw up a financial plan. <more...>

Pick Your Battles
by Dionna Sanchez
No matter how long you’ve been married; there are little things about your spouse that just drive you nuts. At first they might seem cute but over time those little things can really work on your nerves! <more...>

Say I Love You For Valentine's Day
by Jeffrey Strain
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the one you love. Whether you are looking for something special on a tight budget or would simply like to add on something special to another gift, there's no better way to express your love than by saying it in a variety of languages. <more...>

Why Do People Lie? 
by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
Sandy and Don had been married for six years and had two small children. I had counseled them during some difficult times in their marriage, but had not heard from them for a while. Then Sandy scheduled an emergency phone session with me. She was very upset. <more...>


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