managing time at home


Enjoying Time
by Stephanie Romero

Many women dread the holiday season simply because they go into it with a plate so full there is no room for the turkey! Before Thanksgiving has even arrived, they are filling their plates with plans to entertain the entire family and some friends, decorate the house for Christmas, make everyone’s gifts to save money, bake 20 dozens of cookies, volunteer at the local shelter, run the Christmas pageant…you get the idea.

All very nice and thoughtful ideas, filled with good intentions and but not all possible. I think it’s time some women go on a “time diet.” It’s time to lay off the heavy stuff and get realistic about what we can actually swallow. We need to learn how to prioritize and instead of weighing down our plates with unnecessary “goodies,” get down to the real healthy stuff.

Our diet needs to consist of time spent wisely, most productively and in a way that makes most sense (we sometimes really do need a reality check). How does that look?

Time Spent Wisely
Time is precious and what we do with it is so important. We have to be realistic about what we can accomplish. Is there time to do the things we want to do? This may not be the year to run the Christmas pageant. Perhaps God already has someone else in mind but is waiting for you to step out of the way. What we fill our time with must be God-directed rather than self-directed. Is it wise to do what you have in mind to do? If not, cross it off and put it on the list for potentially being able to do next year. 

Time Spent Productively
Is it productive to bake those batches of cookies when there is a greater need in your life that needs to be taken of? It might be more enjoyable to bake the cookies rather than address a real need but you are more productive doing the necessary things rather than the desirable things. Can you spare a day to bake those cookies, volunteer at that shelter or whatever else it may be? Would it take away from another important area in your life? If not, then great…go for it! But if you hesitate, you need to really evaluate if it would be productive.

Time Spent Sensibly
Common sense is sometimes lacking in this world. Some things we just know are right or make sense but we still go the hard way. We can go ahead and pursue that long list but what fruit will we reap from it? Will it take away from the joy of this time of year? Will time with family suffer? Will our children see a mother who is grudgingly going about her tasks instead of joyfully doing the things that God has planned for her?

I think we need to let go of the idea that we must do all things and be all things to all people. God is a God of order and what He does makes sense. Sure, we can be busy but if we are in line with His will and plans, it will all come together. So before diving into this holiday season with an eight page list of things to get done, perhaps you need to first sit back and relax. Take some time to seek God’s will for your life, what He would have you do. Ask Him. He knows what is best for you and your family and He truly does want to see you make the most of this most wonderful time. 

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managing time at home during the Christmas season


managing time at home during the Christmas season