listening to God


On Listening To God
by Lee Wise
Hope For Daily Living
Lee Wise All rights reserved

Most of us spend our entire lives listening. 

Coffee being poured into a cup, our favorite tunes, and people telling us what they think -- sometimes about us. 

Dogs barking, children laughing, and sounds of war. 

We pay attention to sirens, sudden noises, and fearful voices of those we love. 

Not to mention the "love sounds." Whispers only meant for our ears to hear, sighs of relief when help is given, and words that refresh the heart. Words that say...

"Thank you." 
"I love you." 
"I needed that."


"I'm glad you're my mom. 
I love you dad." 

Is it any wonder that God wants us to listen to Him? 

God longs for us to hear *more than the sounds of our days.*

More than the dog next door, the competitive demands of our emotional ups and downs, and the sounds of love we love to hear... or wish we would hear. 


Because listening to the voice of our Best Friend is...

Our pathway to victory, 
Our secret to contentment, 
Our joy and strength for today, 
And our confidence for every day thereafter. 


"Oh, Lord, give me ears to hear You -- always. 

I so want to grow in my ability 
to hear you above the concerns of my own heart. 
I realize that will mean *knowing you* more. 

Strengthen me to know you, your voice, 
and say "Yes" to whatever I discover. 
In Jesus' Name and for His sake, may it be so!" 

Lee Wise All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this writing. The copyright and this resource box must be included.

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listening to God


listening to God