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Great book for Kids Who Love Video Games
by Lisa M. Hendey

Today's kids are bombarded on a daily basis with "entertainment" options, most of which involve some type of screen. 

In the new book Matt's Fantastic Electronic Compusonic, the main character Matt faces a big decision about how he wants to spend his time. This 32 page hardcover book, released in April 2004 by Kregel publications, features eye catching illustrations by Jeannie St. John Taylor which really help convey the pace of the story.

Matt receives his awesome new "Compusonic" hand held game as a birthday gift, and it swiftly takes over his life. As Matt struggles with the choice of game vs. friends, he comes to the conclusion that nothing should come before God. The action that leads up to this ultimate choice leaves young readers caught up in the story line and concurring with the end result.

Matt's Fantastic Electronic Compusonic is aimed at readers ages four through eight years of age, but my twelve year old son read the book to his nine year old brother and both were thoroughly engaged in the story. If you have a house filled with screens and monitors, this book is a must read for your family! 

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Lisa Hendey is a mother of two and webmaster of several web sites, including http://www.catholicmom.com and http://www.christiancoloring.com

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less video games


less video games